True Blood Promotional Photos From “Scratches”

June 25, 2009 by  

scratches-sookieHBO has released new promo photos to get us even more excited, like we need any more anticipatory anxiety. I already go through withdrawal as soon as each new episode ends.

I don’t know about you, but I have HBO ‘On Demand’ and can watch the episodes (especially my favorite scenes) NUMEROUS times. Last week I could not help rewatching the scenes with Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Lafayette (Nelson Ellis).

Yes I know I have a more twisted sense of humor than most, but the severed arm throwing, regurgitation burp mixed in with the “Is there any blood in my hair scene” with Eric sporting his highlight foils, was HYSTERICAL. It was Alan Ball’s writing and the dry sense of humor Alexander Skarsgard delivered it with.

I also love the tender scenes between Bill and Sookie (Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin) and the Bill growl at the end of the show, boy did Sookie piss him off last episode. Can’t wait to see how this little family gathering plays out.

Included in the photos for the upcoming episode are, Tara and Eggs (Rutina Wesley and Mehcad Brooks), Jason Stackhouse and Sarah Newlin (Ryan Kwanten and Anna Camp), Steve Newlin (Micheal McMillan), Maryann (Michelle Forbes).
So now I have four more days to look at the new True Blood promo photos for Sundays show, so I figure why not share it with all of you to build your anticipation as well!








(photo credit: HBO)