True Blood Quiz: Are You Compatible With A Vampire?

September 16, 2009 by  

bill-compton-season-1Our good friends at have a True Blood quiz up and wants True Blood fans to take it so they can find out for themselves if they are truly compatible with a vampire.  As mentions on their site having a human/vampire relationship is a tricky business and a taboo in most societies leading to many problems to overcome. So are you attracted to these creatures of the night?  Would you miss spending sunny days walking with your significant other if he/she is a vampireGo over to and take their quiz to find out if you are compatible with a vampire. Many thanks to our friends at for sending us the information.


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  • Noelle


    meaning I could hang out with some vamps EASY!!

  • antonio

    There is something sexual and seductive about the vampire.
    Part of the appeal,I think, is that the vamp can get away with just about anything…Think about it! Vamps can love fiercely without consequence,take No accountability for their actions,Can run hot And cold and can be unfaithful All without consequence!!
    Vampires can get away with bisexual,lesbian and gay behavior in that they can choose whomever they wish as victims and meals!
    Female vampires can drain female victims if they are hungry or deviant enough and the same for Males. I think the lure of unfettered sexual expression and powerful seduction may be why So many are fascinated by these creatures! BTW, there are sexy Female vampires as well many guys fantasize about these,too!
    It’s Not just a woman thing!! LOL
    Jessica Hamby can Bite me ANYtime!! I think she’d prefer some1 like Jason,though

  • Debbie

    I took the test…twice…on the first one it said I’m 79% and I decided to take it again…I scored 89%. Any body know of a Nice Single Vamp looking for a young mate (only 51 yrs old)and I love the idea of a long term relationship.

    The being up nights and sleeping today is fine with me…I’m been accused by some of my friends of having some Vamp blood running thru my veins since I’m such a night person.

    As far as the diet, from what you hear now red meat isn’t good for you, fish is full of mercury and pork gives you high blood pressure. And no body wants to eat chicken every day….So I guess a liquid diet would be great…besides we all need to push away from the table earlier so we don’t have to worry about those unwanted pounds.

    So give me a call………922-826-7473, again that 922-826-7473 or if you want to remember it with words…its want 2 B, VAMPIRE.
    Hope you call soon…and if it’s day time, leave a message after beep I’ll get back to you after sunset.

  • antonio

    I have a question here…
    If a Fangbanger is someone who enjoys sex with a vampire and lets them drink their blood then what do you call someone who has sex regularly with a werewolf or shifter?? A fur lover?
    the beast with 2 backs?? a mongrel slammer??

    • missyella

      Antonio, I don’t know but it sure made me laugh!!!!!!!

  • missyella

    48% Not enough for Eric, nevermind LOL!!!!

  • Lynn

    41% here too….apparently I need to work on my compatibility, lol.

  • David


    Basically the test said I’m too laid back and calm to be freaked out be things of the Vampirial kind 🙂

    • antonio

      Cool! Maybe you can help Sookie find Bill! LOL

  • I’m 48%..I could make it work, with a vampire??!! Huh?? I guess….Come on over here, Bill!! Ya, hot sexy vampire you!! I’m sure that would happen!!??? Fun quiz….

  • antonio

    I took this quiz. I thought the questions were funny. Apparently,I’m only 41% compatible with a vampire..Sorry Jess!
    LOL I think its fun you should look into this