True Blood Ratings and DVD Sales not Record Breaking but Still Strong

September 2, 2009 by  

True Blood Ratings SoarTrue Blood has definitely cast its spell on viewers, and after a string of record breaking ratings, Season 2 of True Blood is still topping 5 million viewers.

According to TV by the Numbers:

Sunday night’s (August 30, 2009) 9:02pm airing of True Blood averaged 5.185 million viewers in live plus same day DVR viewing.  It was the first week in a while where a new record for average audience wasn’t set.  For now, last week’s record of 5.332 million still stands…Based on average viewing, the 9:02pm airing was the ninth most-watched among all cable programs for the week.

With the season finale slated for September 13, experts anticipate ratings to break records once more.

There’s more good news for True Blood in video and online digital sales as well.  Apple lists Season 1 of True Blood as their 8th most popular TV season download this week, holding its own against highly rated, longer running shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Desperate Housewives,”The Office,” “Bones,” and “Mad Men.”  In DVD Sales, True Blood is performing equally well compared to other TV Season DVD Box Sets, says TV by the Numbers, and:

After 14 weeks, the first season of True Blood continues to hang onto the weekly list and shows no sign of going away anytime soon. It [is] nearly steady from last week with 38,000 units sold.

But True Blood is not just selling well against other TV shows.  True Blood is a best seller among DVDs in general.  TV by the Numbers states:

On a revenue basis True Blood moved up to the 10th best selling DVD of the season.  The only other TV show that was the top 50 was 24, which just this week dropped off the annual top 50 list.

So what does this mean for fans of the show?  Break out the True Blood beverages for a toast  to Alan Ball and the glorious cast, folks, because high ratings and strong revenues mean we will likely be enjoying True Blood for many more seasons to come.

SOURCE: TV by the Numbers

(Photo: HBO Inc.)

  • I’ve already bought season 1….And Iv’e got my order in for season 2..( can hardly wait!! I’m in the United States..But, I gotta wait for my season 2..And Yeah, it does Suck!!We need our “True Blood!!”

  • micaela

    thank you Delia! I will check’s Italian site but probably it is the same as for you there in Germany. We have to wait…it sucks!:)

  • Delia Remington

    Ciao, Micaela! DVDs of Season 2 are not yet available in the USA, you’re going to have to wait for a while on that. Sorry. I also just checked for Season 1 on’s German site, and it says that the DVDs are only preorder, not yet available for sale. I know Season 1 of the show just started airing this summer in Great Britain, so if you want the European version DVDs, you’ll have to wait a little while longer.

  • micaela

    I live in Italy! where can I buy online a suitable dvd version for both first and second season? Suitable that is to say that works on my TV (european standards)

  • I’m hoping to go buy my set on Blu-Ray later tonight! I support the shows I love!