True Blood Ratings – Looking Good!

May 16, 2010 by  

An article on reported a new study that finds ratings in a non-traditional way. Content Power Ratings, an annual report generated by Optimedia US, is a proprietary system of media metrics that provides the TV industry’s only ranking system covering TV, the Internet and mobile platforms. This year, the study included Facebook and the Nielsen BuzzMetrics.

The traditional TV rating systems have ignored the importance of audience participation. HBO‘s True Blood has benefitted “from higher audience viewer involvement – whether on Facebook or Twitter”. This creates a much better audience value than just rating TV viewing.

Within the Content Power Ratings key findings, True Blood is “#1 in cable and making its debut to the top 25 primetime performers list at #18”.

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  • jaxx

    TB is truly awesome. Once other countries catch on, this show will be in the top 10 for years to come. Here’s to many, many more years of TB. There will be 13 books total as a basis for this show and the writers have added even more wonderful material. This show has infinite possibilities. Congrats !

    • veruca

      Possibly more than 13 books – so far Charlaine is contracted to 13, but hasn’t yet decided whether she’s going to do more. As much as I want more, I think 13 is a good amount so she doesn’t just drag things out. Plus, since the books are all about supernatural stuff, ’13’ seems like an appropriate number.

      • jaxx

        yes, 13 sounds like a good number to stop. Want to end on a high note and not give drag the series out. Maybe she’ll do a spin off with whoever she ends up with. I thought I saw an interview where she said that would be a possibility. Who knows??