True Blood Getting Ready to Take Singapore

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hboasiaTrue Blood is going to be premiering in Singapore on April 9, 2009 on MAX (previously Cinemax) and recently HBO Asia hosted a blogger event at the INK Club Bar in Singapore to promote the premiere of True Blood. The evening event featured the Street Fighter-style game called Fang Fighter and many prizes were being given out to spread to word out among local bloggers about Alan Ball‘s hit HBO TV series True Blood. The bloggers were introduced to the HBO Asia True Blood site and were given a chance to check out the blog, information on the cast and the show and the viral campaign. As the blogger reports the color theme of the event was red of course and they were served “True Blood” cocktails which they were taught how to make. One thing that caught my eyes in this report were the door prizes that the bloggers received . As you can see the items are quite different from what we have here in North America and it is always interesting to see the different merchandise promoting True Blood in different countries.truebloodasia2


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  • Sookie

    Ive been catching True Blood on HBO and im totally hooked..this is e best vampire series ever! Anna Paquin’s perfomance & e rest of e cast is really superb! i wan Trueblood merchandise!! Where to get??

    • Hi sookie 🙂 If you want to get True Blood merchandise you will notice on the right side of any post the various True Blood items: DVDs, music, items from the HBO shop. So take a look around and you may see something you like. 🙂

      • Sookie

        Thks Adorebill! Yes, i adore Bill too LOL! Me was hoping i cud get TB merchandise in Sg but looks like can only buy online.. Oh well, gd enuf! 😀

  • Ligaya

    Actually, this was a series of launches all over Asia.

    And, the Philippine cocktail shaker looks MUCH better IMHO. 😉