True Blood "Release me"… True Blood casts a Bewitching Spell and we are Hopelessly Enchanted!!

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billOut of the darkness and into the Light of Truth… we are beginning to see the bigger picture and last week”s relentless trip into darkness has actually brought us into a deeper understanding of the nature of so many of the characters in True Blood…and there may yet be Light at the end of a very long tunnel into madness and evil. Hope Springs Eternal! I continue to be fascinated and addicted, frightened and enlightened, dashed to the depths of despair only to ascend into the dizzying heights of all that is Possible… and I wait breathlessly for clarity and understanding as each episode unfolds. A week is really much too long to wait when there are so many questions unanswered and so many lives hanging in the balance. The genius of this kind of storytelling is that it reaches inside of us and takes hold of us, touching our hearts, beckoning us to stop and consider the emotional landscape in which these characters dwell. In so many ways, their journey is our journey… the endless search to understand one another, fighting to break free from the burning chains which bind us to intolerance, hatred and fear. The quest to seek out and cherish the good inside of our hearts and to celebrate all that we share, remembering that what connects us is so much more important than anything that makes us different. This is what the best kind of storytelling is all about: opening our hearts and minds to learning more about one another and the important truths we can learn from each other… teaching us about who we really are and who we long to be … deep down, underneath all of the masks we wear.

We can *feel* Bill“s desperation to hold on to Sookie (Anna Paquin)… and to the miracles of love and redemption she represents in his life. His determination to claim his power to choose or finally die trying is a testament to all that is Good inside of Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer)…and we cheer him on as he is finally liberated from Lorena (Mariana Klaveno). Which, of course, only makes it that much more heinous when she returns to his life and threatens all that he has struggled to build. He is a tragic hero in so many ways…and his struggles and flaws seem very, very human indeed.

Stephen Moyer is a revelation as Bill … for someone to portray the deepest evil in Bill“s past and the most poignant and tender moments of Light and Love in his present takes an actor of uncommon grace and artistry. Someone fearless, who can stretch themselves and fully give themselves to bring a character as textured and layered as Bill Compton to *Life* deserves every accolade this world can offer. Bravo, Stephen! You absolutely blow my mind.

In the True Blood Universe, Temptation is Everywhere: and the struggle for power and control is evident in the seemingly polar opposites of Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes). They are both convinced that they have the right to impose their will upon others … convincing them to join with them or face the consequences. There is something very similar in the way that they seduce and beguile the weak and the broken into thinking that there is only one way to live… by their rules, with no exception. While Maryann is admittedly much more powerful, Steve Newlin is just as disturbing in his own particular madness … and perhaps even more distressing in that it is all dressed up as something pure and righteous. Most of the vampires tend to feel superior to all other beings and seem to regard feelings and emotion as signs of weakness … and yet, the most touching moments of all are the moments in which the vampires discover that they have feelings too, whether they want to or not. Nearly every group has shown signs of elitist behavior: do it our way or hit the highway. This is especially true of the human beings who are threatened by anything supernatural, anything beyond what they have seen and known in their lives. There is just so much that feels familiar… in the best and worst of ways. As Sam (SamTrammell) begins to find his courage and stands up to fight for his life, we feel every moment of his torment and we cheer him on, wanting him to find his way OUT of Maryann“s evil clutches. There is so much to cheer for, so much to hope for and so much to make us laugh and cry and wonder and learn.

The episode begins with Andy (Chris Bauer)  facedown in the muddy grass, yelling “Pig!!” at the top of his lungs.

We then see Sam, being held facedown by Eggs (Mehcad Brooks) on some sort of sacrificial stone altar…with Tara (Rutina Wesley) staring into his face with those crazy black eyes, telling him to “just give in, it feels so good” as she licks his face and grins like a madwoman. Poor Sam wonders what on earth Maryann has done to Tara, as Maryann begins to approach Sam, having fully morphed into the beastwoman with three wicked looking claws. Just in time, Andy has made his way into the clearing, and seeing the mayhem, he fires his gun into the air to distract the bloodthirsty mob. Suddenly, Sam breaks free and when Daphne (Ashley Jones) tries to restrain him, he punches her lights OUT! I have never been so glad to see someone get what is coming to them in all my life! Eggs begins to scream and this sets off the entire crowd…it seems that whatever emotion they are feeling is amped up by Maryann and her “whammy”. Sam runs for his life with Maryann chasing after him, and we can hear her as she calls out, “Come here, Sam…come here, boy…”, as if she is calling a dog, which, after all, he sometimes is…and suddenly, Sam sees an owl in the trees and shapeshifts into an owl, flying away from Maryann. Yaayyy Sammy!!!  She leans over and picks up Sam”s discarded shirt with her three claws (ick!) and pulls off the bulls-head mask, looking after Sam in frustration that he got away from her once again.

Back in the clearing, Andy points his gun at the mob, telling everyone not to move…as they all shuffle off, completely ignoring him, in a daze. He sees his cousin Terry and tries to talk to him, Terry turns and looks at Andy with those black eyes and knocks Andy to the ground and breaks his arm with a sickening crack. He and Arlene begin to laugh hysterically and wander off, leaving Andy moaning on the ground…

sookieMeanwhile, in the basement of the FotS (Fellowship of the Sun)”church”, Sookie yells for Godric (Allan Hyde), telling him that Isabel (Valerie Cruz) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) sent them, knowing that Godric would be able to hear her with his enhanced “vampire hearing”. Hugo (Christopher Gartin) begins to panic, claiming that his claustrophobia is a very real thing… while Sookie is distracted by the “fun” board games (stacked up in the storage area where they are imprisoned) with titles like Silver and Stakes, Send “Em Back to Hell, etc…lamenting how sick it is to teach kids to hate like that. She tells Hugo that there has to be a traitor in the Dallas nest since the FotS knew they were coming ahead of time and tried to snatch her at the airport as well. Hugo tries to shift the blame to Stan (Ed Quinn)… and Sookie comments that Bill had to have felt her fear. She seems to feel conflicted about wanting Bill to come and save her and yet, fearing for him since there is no limit to what this demented group will do to vampires… especially since they plan to BBQ a 2000 year old vampire in front of an entire congregation.

Back in Bill“s room, Lorena is still preventing Bill from leaving as he screams in frustration for her to get out of his way. She taunts him, “You smell like her… sweet … and cheap”. She throws him across the room, telling him, “William Compton, you are still so sensitive… some might say that is a weakness… but I”ve always found it …oddly… cute.” He throws her off of him, asking her what she is doing there… she tells him she has missed him and that it has been so long…

Flashback to Los Angeles 1935…Bill is sitting reading “Gods and Monsters of Ancient Greece”, when Lorena comes in with a “present” for him…Frances from the chorus of the “desperately cheerful” musical she just saw. Frances begins to dance down the stairs to the music on the stereo, which Bill turns off immediately… and Lorena tells her, “Don”t mind him, he”s in one of his moods…again.” She tells Frances, “I am sure we can find a way to cheer him up…”  He tells Lorena, “I meant what I said…No more…” She tells him he can”t starve himself…and Bill seems to be about to bite Frances in the neck when he firmly gives her shoulders a shake and tells her to “Leave. Now.”

He tells Lorena that he can”t stand the sight of her…and she tells him that he is so dramatic and is just depressed… He tells her, “I am not depressed. I am seeing clearly for the first time in years. I won”t do this any longer. It”s over.” He is emphatic, “No more innocent lives. No more bloody baths. No more cruelty for sport.”  She seems appalled and tells him, “You are vampire, they are food. That”s your nature.” He tells her, “No. That is your nature. You have lost your humanity and you have stolen mine. You have made me into a monster and I will have to live with the things we”ve done for eternity”. Lorena seems to grasp how serious he is, and she tries to appeal to him, telling him that “this conscience of yours, you will outgrow it …” He tells her in no uncertain terms that “I will never again be what you want me to be.”

Flash forward to Lorena and Bill at the Hotel Carmilla…Bill is telling her, “If Sookie is hurt in any way because of you, I will not stop until I drive a stake through whatever semblance of a heart you have left.” Lorena just looks at him with disgusted amusement … and says, “Its true…you”re in love…with a human. It”s so tragic, it”s funny…” and she laughs and laughs like a complete psycho. Which, of course, she IS.

Eric and Isabel, meanwhile, are keeping watch outside the FotS church, while Sookie and Hugo remain inside…Eric is incredulous, telling her she has to be joking if this is their “army”…”scared little boys with Bibles and crossbows.” Isabel tells Eric he should not underestimate them, that support for their movement is growing, with leadership camps overflowing with self-righteous extremists all willing and ready to die for their cause. Eric tells her that “could be arranged quite easily” but Isabel warns him that they need to be sure the Fellowship has Godric before making a move. Eric asks Isabel, “What about your boy, Hugo?… and Sookie? They”ve been in there too long.” Isabel tells him that if Hugo were in danger, she would know it … that she felt something earlier, but it passed and he is “okay now.”  Hmmm. That is very intriguing given that Isabel and Hugo are lovers and she should be able to feel his panic… if his panic was the real deal!  I think she is completely clueless about Hugo“s true agenda. Poor Hugo had better run for the hills when she finds out!

Eric then says, “Tell me… what is it you find so fulfilling about human companionship?” She tells him, “They feel much more strongly than we do. Everything is Urgent. Exciting. Maybe because their lives are so temporary.”  “Yes.” Eric says, “they certainly don”t keep well.” Isabel tells him that she finds the prospect of Hugo becoming old and infirm, “Curious, like a science project.” (Gee, I wonder how Hugo would feel about taking a spin on a hamster wheel??) Isabel then wonders, “How does Bill Compton feel about your interest in Sookie?” With the merest suggestion of a raised eyebrow to indicate otherwise, he tells her, “I am not interested in Sookie and even less in how Bill Compton feels. My only interest is finding Godric”  while staring straight ahead with no expression on his face. Isabel smirks a bit deviously and turns to look at him, saying, “Of course.” Eric, still staring ahead, says, “Don”t look at me like that.”  Hmm. Methinks that Eric doth protesteth too much.

Sarah(Anna Camp)  and Jason (Ryan Kwanten) are cuddling in the balcony of the church, with Sarah crying “tears of joy” after making love with Jason. (Excuse me while I gag…) She tells him that they will have to tell Steve right away due to the “vow of honesty”… Jason looks at her like she has just started speaking Swahili to him! He reminds her about the upcoming lock-in and the “vampire bbq” and she tells him that they need to put God first (one of the more ironic statements I have ever heard!) … but they do have to tell Steve as soon as possible. I think it is possible that Jason Stackhouse may have discovered the one woman in the world he will Really Regret having slept with … and he looks like he is ready to jump right out of his skin. Sarah Newlin is one massive tidalwave of trouble and he just dove right in, thinking the water is fine…but really, it is infested with piranhas.

Back in Jessica“s room at the Hotel Carmilla (interestingly… right next door to Bill“s room where he is having a smackdown with Lorena …why doesn”t Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) “hear” this???) … she and Hoyt (Jim Parrack) are snuggling and he confesses that he, “ain”t never done IT”. She asks him, “You”re a virgin?” and when she finds out he is, she tells him, “Well, big whoop, so am I”. They share some very sweet pillow talk and Hoyt tells her that he “…waited for the right one. The right one never showed up…” Then he told her that he had waited so long, he didn”t want to give it away to just anyone. She tells him, “if it”s okay, I”ll be your first.” She discovers that it is very close to dawn, so they will have to wait a while longer… but, she wants to cuddle… and tells him not to freak out if she looks a little… dead. Too Cute!! These two never fail to put a huge grin on my face…

ericMeanwhile, elsewhere in the Hotel Carmilla, Stan, Isabel and Eric are walking down the corridor to Eric“s room. Stan wonders if “the little rats have run off and joined the Fellowship”…and Isabel angrily tells him, “Careful, Hugo is mine”. “Oh Please,” says Stan, “if you cared so much about him you”d have been in that church hours ago.” They continue squabbling and finally, Stan turns his anger onto Eric, telling him, ” The Fellowship has your maker and your telepath. And still, you do nothing.” Eric has finally had enough, and slams Stan up against the wall, barely controlling himself as he says, “Are you questioning my loyalty, Stan?” Stan looks a bit taken aback and tells Eric he is just trying to return Godric to his rightful position. Eric tells him he thinks Stan has another agenda… “Maybe you think starting a war with the Fellowship will distract us from the truth…that you”re so starved for power you murdered Godric for his title.” Stan tells him that is a lie and Isabel worriedly steps between them, telling Eric, “We don”t know this. There”s no proof.” Eric looks as though he would love to rip Stan”s throat out, telling him that there is no proof, yet … “But I will find it. And when I do, there will be No Mercy.” Eric looks visibly shaken, telling them that “they can run into that church and kill them all, I no longer care”. He turns away from them, saying, “If Godric is gone, nothing will bring back what I have lost”…shedding a single blood red tear as he leaves them in the corridor, entering his room. This one moment reveals his tremendous grief and the anguish and anxiety he has struggled to keep so tightly controlled … as well as his deep fear that Godric has been lost to him forever, reminding us of the depth of his love and loyalty to Godric. This tells us so much about Eric… he has so many layers of personality we have yet to perceive… and Alexander is bringing Eric to life before our eyes, showing us that there is so much that we really do not know about Eric. Although I would love to see the more sensual side of Eric (and yes, this is the understatement of the millennia) as well as his delicious sense of humour (both of which have been glimpsed occasionally over the last season and a half) I remain *intrigued and more than a little curious* (to use two of Eric“s favorite words!) to learn more about who Eric is and what is important to him. I am looking forward to seeing what the True Blood writers have in store for us as they develop this fascinating character.

Meanwhile, over at Sookie“s house, Tara and Eggs awaken on the couch, unsure of how they got there or what happened to them after they, “followed those Reese”s Pieces clothes into the woods”. Eggs thinks that they were just knocked out cold by Maryann“s “weed”…but Tara is not convinced, saying that has never happened to her from smoking one joint. She seems pretty unnerved by the whole thing … and seems to finally be putting some things together when she asks Eggs about the weird place he took her to… with the blood … telling him he couldn”t remember how he got there… and he tells her he has no idea what that was all about, but is pretty sure one thing has nothing to do with the other. (Say What??!!) Tara tells him that they maybe need to sober up… and when he tells her, “Just because you got a little too stoned, it don”t make you your mama”, she wonders if he is reading her mind, like Sookie. (Hey! I thought that was a secret, Tara!!)  He tells her that he just “gets her”. Hmmm. Tara…please pull your head out of the sand and wake UP, sister!!!

Back at Merlotte“s, Sam rushes in, pulling on a t-shirt and pulls a big ole gun out of it”s hiding place in the fireplace. Whoa, Sammy is BACK!!!!

Sookie and Hugo, meanwhile, are still locked up in the FotS basement…Steve strolls in, with a cheery smile on his face, saying, “Mornin”! Refreshments? How”d ya”ll sleep?” Let me just say that this guy is the craziest nutjob you have ever seen. What a lunatic! Sookie warns him that they (the vampires) are coming for us … and Steve tells her, “Well, that”s what I thought … I figured a pretty girl like you would have a vamp running off to your rescue. Actually, we were counting on that … weren”t we, Gabe?” Yes sir, says his faithful henchman, Gabe. Sookie tells him that they are going to get themselves killed … and that”s not a threat, that”s a fact. Steve tells her that the vamps have her all twisted … and she says that he is the one who is twisted… telling him, “You call yourself Christians? Jesus would be ashamed of you”. He laughs in her face, telling her they will have to agree to disagree on that one. He tells her that things got a little outta hand last night and he apologizes for it. (Hmmm, ya think??!! Dragging a young woman down a flight of stairs is “a little outta hand”??!!) He tells them all he wants are a few answers and he will, “feed them a hot breakfast and send them on their way”. (Is it just me, or is Steve Newlin more than just a few fries short of a Happy Meal??) Hugo just starts babbling away, telling them “her name is Sookie Stackhouse“…while Sookie looks at him like he has just grown another head. Steve looks equally stunned… asking her if she is from Bon Temps… telling her, “You”re Jason Stackhouse“s sister… am I right?” When she asks him how he knows her brother…Steve seems to barely be controlling his fury and summons Gabe to leave with him…

Sookie looks at Hugo in disgust and tells him, “Nice work”. Hugo tells her that they sat there all night waiting for her boyfriend to show up and he is going to get them out of there…she finally just tells him to shut the eff up!! Glad to see feisty Sookie!!

Sookie reaches out with her mind, calling on Barry (Chris Coy) the telepath for help… She tells him she needs him to go to the hotel, find Bill Compton, tell him she is in the basement of the FotS church, that the sheriff is there somewhere and she is in big trouble…

Back in Bill“s room, both Bill and Lorena are sluggish and showing the effects of remaining awake during daylight. Bill is too afraid for Sookie to sleep, Lorena won”t sleep so she can keep Bill from going to Sookie. He begs her… we need to rest. Lorena tells him she cares too much about him to let him run out into the sunlight to save Sookie… he tells her that he loves Sookie, but he is not suicidal. She reminds him that she knows exactly what he is capable of (and so do we, remembering last season…) They both begin to bleed (and we learn this is an unfortunate side effect of a vampire remaining awake during daylight hours …) and Bill struggles to reach the phone, but Lorena grabs it from him, wanting to know who he is trying to casino online call. He begs her to let him call Eric Northman and wake him, since he is the reason that Sookie is in danger. She laughs cruelly, telling him that Eric is also the reason she is there… as she smashes the phone to smithereens. She tells him, “He wants the girl, William. Just let him have her.” Bill gasps in anguish at her words.


Meanwhile, back at the L.O.D.I. (Light of Day Institute) camp, Jason is taking a little stroll, with all of his suitcases… trying to get the hell out of Dodge, so to speak… when Steve and Gabe pull up and insist on Jason getting into the car with them, at knifepoint…

Over at the sheriff”s office, Andy is telling his story to Bud (William Sanderson) …(who looks more than a little crazed with that big cigar hanging outta his mouth…) He tells Bud about the bulls-head mask and these giant claws…and that the whole town had these big black saucer eyes like zombies… Bud just looks incredulous and gives a few noncommittal grunts…

At Sookie“s, Tara and Eggs are still lounging on the couch, watching the tube… when in walks Maryann, with her legs covered in blood, carrying a freshly killed rabbit which is also dripping blood…”Good Morning”, she says cheerily…Tara worriedly wonders if she is okay… and she tells them that she is “fantastic!”… and that she slept outside last night and communed with her animal nature. (That is the understatement of the universe!) They banter back and forth a bit, and Tara asks her if she threw a party, since the house looked like a “frathouse”. Maryann says she just had a few people over for drinks (Is that what you call it??!!) and wonders if that is a problem. Tara worries that Sookie could be coming home anytime since it is her house… Maryann reassures Tara that she is such a good friend and took great care of Sookie“s place while she was gone… then she wanders off, calling for “K-K-K-Karl.” Tara just looks at Eggs and says that Maryann is “so effing weird”… to which he replies, “Yeah, ain”t it great?” Tara!!! The inmates have taken over the asylum …otherwise known as Sookie“s house… and you need to figure things out Pronto!!

Steve, meanwhile, is reading Jason the riot act … as he is held at knifepoint by Gabe… telling Jason that he is burned that he took him into his home, treated him like family… to which Jason replies, “I”m so sorry, I”m weak” (thinking perhaps that Steve knows about him and Sarah??) Steve tells him that he gave Jason a chance at salvation “… and you chose …Them??” Jason keeps apologizing and finally it dawns on him and he says, “Wait a minute… who are Them?” Steve tells him to cut the act, he knows who Jason is and who he is working for. Jason just looks completely clueless and says, “The roadcrew?” This only further enrages Steve, who tells Jason, “I never thought you were the sharpest tool in the shed … good at taking orders, but not too bright … but boy was I wrong! You are snakier than a snake in the grass.” Jason tries to appeal to him, telling him he has made a mistake or has confused Jason with someone else … Steve just shuts his eyes, and ominously tells Jason, “Say a Prayer. You are going to hell. And you are going there today.” Steve tells Gabe, “Take care of him.” Gabe says, “Yes sir” and tells Jason, “Start walking, vampire lover”.

daphneCut to Daphne, sitting on the end of the dock (the very same dock where she and Samfirst took their midnight swim, I believe…) and says, “Hello, Sam” when she hears him walking up behind her. He tells her he”s been looking for her and she says, “I figured you would be”…and turns around to see Sam pointing a big gun right at her! With a huff, she says, “What”s that for?” Sam tells her, “Come any closer and you”ll find out”. She tells him she isn”t scared to die… and he tells her he knows she is scared of Maryann. He wonders about the scars on Daphne“s back… asking her, “Is that how she got you to be her whore?” She tells him it isn”t whoring if you do it for love… and when Sam mistakenly thinks she is referring to him, she tells him, “Honey, I ain”t talking about you… We had fun… but …” to which Sam (rightfully!!) screams at her, “we had fun? I effing trusted you!! I shared parts of myself I never shared with anyone!! How can you do this to your own kind??”. Daphne looks at Sam in disgust, telling him that she was once just like him: scared, stupid and full of shame. She tells him that Maryann could have killed her… and she deserved it …”but she saw something in me… she saved me, gave me a whole new life… no fear, no limits, just love.” Samtells her that killing people and cutting out their hearts isn”t love. Daphne tells him that he is a mere flea next to MaryannSam wonders if he is so insignificant, why is Maryann going to all this trouble to get him?? Daphne tells him that he got away from Maryann once and she can”t control him… and she just loves a challenge. She tells Sam, “Ya know all those funny big black eyes folks are running around with acting all crazy? That”s Maryann“s energy inside of them”…Sam wonders if it doesn”t work on him and Daphne because they are shifters…and Daphne tells him that all supernatural”s have a natural resistance, even though Maryann can force their shifts … she can”t get inside of them. They have to go to Maryann of their own free will. Suddenly, Daphne starts stripping off her clothes, telling Sam she is “sweating like a pig” (ha ha ha) and asks him if he “wants to get wet with her one last time?” Sam just looks at her in disgust, yelling, “What is she? What the eff is she??!!” Daphne says, “She”s god”…

Over in the basement of the FotS, Hugo is now beginning to seriously freak out … Sookie tries to calm him down and reaches out to grab his arm … and she “sees” into Hugo“s mind… sees him kneeling and praying with Steve and Sarah in the church, spying on her at Stan”s, reporting to Steve that the vamps are “sending in a spy tomorrow, and I”ll be with her.” Sookie looks him straight in the face and says, “You! You”re the traitor!!”

Back at the dock, Sam tells Daphne that Maryann is NOT god. Daphne replies, “She”s as close to god as we”ll ever get. People call her all kinds of things … Kali, Lilith, Isis, Gaia … but what she really is, is a Maenad. According to the Greeks, Maenad”s were the handmaidens of Dionysus… but she is really a lot more than that.” Sam wonders if she means Dionysus, the god of wine? She tells him it makes sense that he knows “that one” since he owns a bar… and then says, “Guess what else they called him? The horned god. Sound familiar?” Sam says, “Satan?” Daphne says, “Satan, Dionysus… really it”s just a kind of wild energy like lust, anger, excess… basically all the fun stuff… Maryann brings it out in people… she channels it, controls it. She”s immortal Sam… she never wasn”t here…There”s no point in fighting her, you”ll never win.” Sam tells her he is not going to just let her kill him … and then he wonders if she would go away and leave everyone alone if he gave himself up to Maryann? Daphne climbs out of the water, telling him that she wouldn”t bet on it, that Maryann is having way too much fun. “She”s like a pyro in a room full of matches.” She tells Sam to go to Maryann, that she might just let him live… Sam pushes her away from him, saying “just stay the eff away from me…”


Meanwhile, Hugo and Sookie are having a chat … he tells her that he used to be just like her… saying, ” I thought I was a real emancipated thinker, especially when Isabel took me to bed. The sex was amazing, the best ever… well… you know… It”s addictive, isn”t it? … to be desired by something that powerful.” Sookie tells him that she is no addict. Hugo begins to defend himself and Sookie finally says, “So you went to the Fellowship because you can”t control yourself?” Hugo tells her that he begged Isabel to turn him, so they could be equals… but she was just using him, the same way that Bill is using Sookie. Sookie tells him, “You don”t know Bill.” After a bit more arguing back and forth, she wonders if the Newlin“s care so much about you, how come you”re still in here? Face it, Hugo, you”re nothing but a fangbanging traitor to them.” Hugo yells out to Gabe, telling him to let him out, that Sookie knows everything.  When no one answers his call, Sookie says sarcastically,  “Yep. You”re so all-fired important to them, aren”t cha??”

Cut to Sarah … all dressed up, out in front of the church (in that so-sweet-it-grates-on-my-last-nerve voice of hers) calling out “Welcome” to the “flock” at the “lock-in”. Steve waltzes up to her, “hey Darlin”, looking good” to which she replies, “You too. I told you that suit was a winner”. Who do these two think they are foolin” ??!! Steve tells her he needs to speak with her in private…about Jason Stackhouse. Holey Moley…that oughta be a whopper of a conversation!!

Gabe, meanwhile, is dragging Jason into the woods, with a knife at his back. Jason keeps defending himself, saying he has been a good soldier… and that there has been some kinda mistake. Gabe tells him that there sure was a mistake, “when your mama spread her legs and pushed out you and your whore of a sister.” Well, that was not the thing to say to Jason, who proceeds to kick Gabe“s ass all over the freaking place… telling him, “Don”t EVER talk about my sister!!” With a last kick to the family jewels, Jason grabs the knife and runs off, leaving Gabe crumpled in the dirt.

Back at Merlotte“s, Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) is working the cellphone, trying to drum up some customer”s for the V, as instructed by Pam… and looks pretty exasperated, stopping to use his trusty eyelash curler. (Could it be that Lafayette is almost B.A.C.K., in all his glory?? Say its True!!)

In the bar, Tara and Eggs are playing “kissyface” when Arlene (Carrie Preston)  walks in, wondering if they”ve seen Sam. Tara tells her that he blew off the entire day, “With Miss Employee of the Month” (meaning Daphne, I”m sure…) Arlene then says, “thank you Jesus, Santa Claus and Hare Krishna” and tells Eggs she needs to borrow Tara for a minute. They walk into the ladies room, where Lafayette is still primping … and Arlene says,”Excuse you, it says Ladies on the door”…. to which Lafayette replies, “So what you skank ho”s doing in here?” Tara (sounding so much like her old self that it makes me want to do a cheer!!) says, “Watch yourself bitch.” Lafayette then says, “I am. and I is gorgeous.” (Hallelujahs for some sassy talk outta Tara and Lafayette!! You have been missed so much!!) Tara wonders how his leg is doing…and Lafayette tells her that he has a “powerful immune system.” Tara says, “You have a powerful death wish (… perhaps clued in about the V??) and we”re gonna talk about this later.” Lafayette just sashays by…[Editor”s Note: L was workin” it, baby!]

Arlene actually looks desperately unhappy, telling Tara, “I think I might”ve done something real bad…” and Tara tells her that coming out of her mouth, that is Scary! She tells Tara that she and Terry (Todd Lowe) have been fooling around some, but haven”t gotten past first base because every time they do, he goes running “like somebody lit a fire in his whities”. So, she says she thought she”d “try to get a few drinks in him, to loosen him up a bit…and it seemed to be working pretty good…and then…I blacked out!!” (Hmmm. Does that sound at all familiar, Miss Tara??!!) She then said she thinks she might”ve had her way with Terry, just a little bit, kinda against his will…and Tara says, deadpan, “Are you telling me you date-raped Terry Bellefleur? How is that even possible?” Arlene says she doesn”t know… and that he was acting so weird when they woke up… even weirder than usual… and there were certain tell-tale signs that they had… (done it?)… and Tara gives Arlene a hard look, asking her, “You don”t remember anything?” I think Tara might be starting to connect the dots, thank heaven.

Lafayette strolls into the bar and sees Eggs, who is waiting there for Tara. He looks him over and says, “Now that just isn”t …fair…” and Eggs says, “Excuse me?” Lafayette tells him that for the first time in his life he isn”t looking for trouble and it just keeps on walking through his door!  He tells Eggs, ” Look at you. Damn. Ain”t nothin” good can come outta something so pretty!” (Yee Haa, you GO, Lafayette!! Wheeeee….) Eggs says, “You must be Lafayette. I”m Eggs.” Lafayette says, “Tara“s Eggs?”…and Tara comes walking up, saying, that just doesn”t sound right…”Your name is Benedict. Why don”t people call you Ben?” …and then Lafayette says…” or Dict?” Tara tells him to behave…and Lafayette looks her in the eye and then looks right at Eggs, saying, “Satan in a Sunday Hat, girl. I”m trying to tell you. Satan in a Beautiful effing Sunday Hat!”

Suddenly, Andy comes walking in to the bar, disheveled to say the least, still wearing his grass and mud stained shirt, with a ginormous cast on his arm, screaming for Terry to come out!  He yells out, “Terry Bellefleur… get out here.. I”ll be kicking your ass so hard you”ll be shitting boots!!” Tara asks Andy, “What happened to your arm?” He says,” I ain”t talking to you, devil worshipper!” Tara looks completely flabbergasted… we see Sam listening in, concealed … Andy tells her,”I saw you. I saw all of you” (talking to the bar full of people). Tara asks, “You saw what?” Andy tells her, “Go ahead, laugh and deny it … I know what I saw.” Arlene tells him Terry isn”t there and can she call him? Andy says, “Eff you, zombie woman. Eff all ya”ll, devil zombies!! Turning this town into an orgy from hell. I”ll stop you… I will stop you if it”s the last thing I ever do”…as he stumbles out of the bar. Arlene tries to make a joke, but Tara looks pretty shook up… and then Sam comes in, looking freaked out and Arlene says, “Sam, you look like you just saw a ghost”…

In Jessica“s room at the Hotel Carmilla, Hoyt is doing some “decorating” with red rose petals and blood-scented candles (which he describes as “smelling like soup”) with Leona Lewis” “Bleeding Love” playing in the background. Jessica wakes and he asks her if she likes it …and she tells him, “It”s Perfect.” He tells her “that”s what I was going for… cuz you”re perfect and I want your first time to be as perfect as you are…” She tells him, “Just take off your pants” [Editor”s Note: Wasn”t that the most coquettish “get naked” command EVER?] and he gets that “kid-on-a-Christmas morning” sweet grin on his face…(and I am wondering, where can the single girls of AmErica order a Hoyt Fortenberry of their very own??) and then he jumps in bed, with his jeans still down around his knees… Awwwww.

jason2Jason, meanwhile, is running like a madman down a dirt road when he sees the jeep he and Steve played “kill-the-vampire” paintball in… driven like a crazy person by Sarah. He seems relieved to see her, telling her that Gabe and Steve have gone nuts, and tried to kill him. Sarah, in silhouette, pulls a gun and we then see Jason falling in slow motion….

Daphne is on the dock when Maryann approaches … she goes to Maryann, telling her, “Finally. I”ve missed you.” Maryann tells her, ” Thank you, for your service” and kisses her… then steps back to reveal Eggs, with pure black eyes…who then steps forward and shoves the ceremonial dagger into Daphne“s chest … with Maryann grinning with delight just behind him. Daphne looks at Maryann with horror, disbelief and endless grief as she realizes that she is being sacrificed…and that she was just being used, the same as everyone else in Maryann“s life. What a BITCH she is. Please, I beg of you, I would just like to see Maryann get what is coming to her!!!

Back in the FotS basement, Hugo sees Gabe come in and wonders what has happened to his face… telling him that he is going to need protection now that Sookie knows that he is the traitor. Gabe tells him he will give him “protection!!” and proceeds to kick his ass all over their little basement prison. Sookie tries to stop him by hopping on Gabe“s back (are you completely insane, girlfriend?). So Gabe decides that she needs an ass whooping as well… he starts strangling Sookie, telling her that she and her brother can”t make an a-hole out of him (as if he needs any help with that!!) and she begins shrieking at him to take his filthy hands off her…

Cut to Bill… feeling every moment of Sookie“s terror… hearing Lorena mumbling sleepily in the background, he tries to get to the door and she quickly smashes some furniture, holding a jagged piece of wood against Bill“s back, telling him, “Open that door and I will end you.” [Editor”s Note: Am I the only one hoping Eric gets to pay for all this destruction?]

Flashback to 1935… Lorena and Bill are at a standoff…she tells him, “I gave you Everything. Everything!! and you threw it away, moaning over what you”ve lost …You disgust me!” Bill tells her, “Then let me go..” She tells him no…”I”ve made you and you are mine.” He tells her, “You know I don”t love you.” She tells him he has never tried…and he tells her that he has spent decades trying. He tells her that, “he despises himself for what I did for you … God help me … I killed innocent people to prove to you that I loved you … It was pure nihilism. [Editor”s Note: Nihilism is a philosophy which argues that life is without meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value] I do not, I can not and I will never love you.” Lorena stubbornly insists that men have given their lives to spend one night with her… and seeing that he is unmoved, she says, “What more can I give? What is it that you want from me?”  “Choice”, Bill answers simply. “Let me go”, he begs. Lorena tells him that he will be all alone in the world forever, without her.  He tells her she is the one who is afraid of that … and he looks at her with pity, telling her she is the saddest, loneliest creature he has ever known.”  “How dare you”… she shrieks, throwing him down against a wooden table, breaking it into pieces.  He takes up a jagged piece of the wood, pointing it toward her… she wonders if he really hates her that much? “Let me go,” he asks again… and she tells him she cannot live without him. He tells her she will have to… and he bares his own chest, pointing the stake of wood at his heart. She cries out, “No! Don”t!” and with tears of blood running down her cheeks, she tells him, “As your maker, I release you”… as he looks at her in stunned relief…

lorenaCut to the present, with Lorena, stake in hand, refusing to let him go to Sookie. Bill is dumbfounded …”You released me, there was nothing left between us, what could you possibly have to gain from this? She tells him, “You are making a fool of yourself with that girl … you have no future with her, everyone knows it but you.” He turns to grab the stake and they struggle … suddenly, there is a knock on the door and she clamps one hand over his mouth, the other on the stake… and says, “Yes?” in a sickeningly sweet voice. It is Barry at the door, with a message for Bill Compton. She tells him, “he is tied up right now but I”ll be happy to pass it along …” Barry says, “Tell him Sookie Stackhouse is in the basement of the FotS church, (cut to Eric, overhearing every word from his room down the hall) …”She said the sheriff is there and she”s in some kinda trouble”…and we see Eric off to the rescue, rushing by in a lightening fast blur…. We then see Barry “thinking” to Sookie…”this is the last time I am doing you or any of your vampire buddies any favors”…as we see a hand reach out into the hallway to pull Barry into one of the rooms!!!

Back in the basement, Gabe is just about to rape Sookie when suddenly, he is yanked away from her… and she looks up to see her savior, a very pale teenage boy holding Gabe by the scruff of his neck… and she says, “Godric??”

Whoa. This show just could not possibly be packed full of any more craziness… it is off the chart in every possible way! Things just keep getting more complex and complicated as each episode unfolds. So much food for thought … so many possibilities… so much deception and decadence… and so many chances for deliverance for all of our beloved characters. The debate rages at fever-pitch among the True Blood devotees… what in holy hell is going to happen next?? Who will live… and gasp, who might die??? We can hardly wait to find out!!!

Definition of nihilism just as a point of interest. Total rejection of established laws and institutions, anarchy, terrorism, or other revolutionary activity, total and absolute destructiveness, esp. toward the world at large and including oneself, nothingness or nonexistence. Hmm. That pretty much describes the kind of life Lorena wanted to live with Bill. The mere fact that he was able to summon the will and the determination to escape his fate… after having almost totally erased all of his humanity is beyond a miracle… and should give us Hope.  Hope that even a vampire is not doomed to a fate beyond his or her own choosing.

Up next!!

Godric, with eyes closed…”I am here my child”.

Eric, reverently kneeling before him…looking grateful and stunned…

Steve Newlin: Brothers and Sisters… the hour is upon us. Lines have been drawn. We are prepared for Armageddon.

Eric (NO!!!) on a slab in front of the congregation, with Sookie looking on… heavy silver chains burning into his flesh …”I offer myself in exchange for Godric“s freedom…”

Stan [Editor”s Note: This guy is just trouble.. mark my words!] walks into the FotS church: “We”ll kill you first … Destroy all of them!!”

A fight breaks out at the church … someone is trying to stake Eric!

Samis in a jail cell …?

Tara is slapping the hell out of Eggs

Maryann is preparing … a heart … for supper??? (disgusting!)

Lafayette holds the “Justice” Tarot card …

Is that someone in bed with Sookie?

Bill… finally running to the rescue …

Stan, baring his fangs…

Eggs with those freaking black eyes again …

Lorena is about to sink her fangs into someone…

Eric… retaliating??!! (Hope, hope, hope!!)

Steve Newlin: There will be a holy bonfire at dawn…


  • antonio

    Now that I think of it,Steve and Sara just used Jason to get to Sookie and her Vampire…Disgusting! They just wanted to communicate their hate speech like a disease!! The writing is very good. It was kind of weird seeing Maryann with a bull head and the townspeople involved in an orgy…Bizarre!
    It certainly was quite a ride!!

  • antonio

    TB certainly does cast an enchanting spell…I know I’m hooked!! LOL Steve Newlin was nothing more than a Bully And a Coward!!
    The scene where it looked like his dippy wife Sara shot Jason I was like “What Now!!” As for the “roughhousing joke” that Luke Mcdonald pulled on Jason I feel that was deplorable on his part.
    Jason was really treated like shit this year…So were Sookie,Sam,Lafayette. The show Does cast an enchanting spell…just mesmerizing! I know that I’m hooked!!
    These next many months will be hard to wait…like going thru TB withdrawal!! LOL Would Any fan want to detox from TB?? I dont think so!! TB is just Great TV!!

  • Pandora

    Thanks again, Cheri, for another stunningly complete recap of this episode. Can’t wait for your feelings and review of the next one.