True Blood Renewed For Sixth Season

July 19, 2012 by  

Our Favorite Show Will Be Back for More!

Alcide and SookieHBO has just recently announced that they have decided to renew True Blood for a sixth season. This is great news for fans of the show. Although we can surely expect more of what makes the show great, there will be a few changes. Most notably, the show’s creator Alan Ball will be stepping down. Although he will stay on as an executive producer, Nurse Jackie’s Mark Hudis will be taking over the running of the show. We’ve known for a while that Ball was leaving, but it hasn’t always been apparent who would be taking over. Only time will tell if it was the right choice.

Although True Blood is still Sunday night’s highest rated show, it is still experiencing a steady decline in viewers. How this is happening is beyond me, but make sure you and all your friends continue to tune in on Sunday nights to keep our favorite show alive. Or undead, at least.

Source: True Blood and The Newsroom Get Renewed by HBO

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  • dashransome

    My 2 cents never having read the books, but having watched the show on HBO since it’s been out.  Each year I grew more disappointed with it.  Mostly there were one or two annoying story-lines, and I also hated how the main characters would suddenly do things that seemed “out of character” only to serve the plot.  The motivations and traits of characters I’d come to love weren’t consistent.   

    As far as I’m concerned, the show seems to be redeeming itself this season.  I’ve been enjoying it more than the last two (maybe not as much as the first) – smoke monster and all….   I feel like someone made some clear decisions about what works and doesn’t about the show.  There are fewer shocking side stories and a clearly thought out main theme. Rather than week to week stories there’s more consistency. And it seems like they’ve decided to just be really campy and not so serious about some of the action making it more entertaining.

  • Nicole Garcia

    I bet if they stuck more to the books and less with the weird stuff that has nothing to do with the books the viewers would come back!

  • I believe that the steady decline in viewers is because of this:  viewers who are fans of the Charlaine Harris books and the TV show are aware that the show is basically stand alone and doesn’t follow the book’s exact story lines.  For the most part that’s great, but the majority of us, the book fans who were thrilled that a tv show was being made feel that the fundamental integrity of the books story has been compromised and basically spit on. i.e. the Eric/Sookie storyline that we all fell in love with.  Eric and Sookie’s relationship and vampire politics were the heart of the books, not this other nonsense of Terry Bellefleur and a smoke monster or even Mary Ann and her man/goat god.  I may be wrong but a lot of comments I see on Twitter, Facebook etc. show anger, apathy and downright disappointment in the TV show and the direction it sometimes takes.

    • i can’t fully disagree with this. i am SO over that smoke monster nonsense :/

    •  Very true. Sookie and Eric have a wonderful dynamic. They’re the reason I continued reading the book series throughout the years. And it’s not only the monster nonsense that’s annoying! Andy Bellefleur having sex with a fairy? WTH? This fairy storyline is totally idiotic. Bill becoming king? Really? I’ve been watching the show anyway but I’ve become more and more disappointed after the end of a each season.

    • Nicole Garcia

      Agreed! I love love love the books and I remember loving the first episode because the pages literally came to life on the screen. I know they say.. we want to surprise the readers.. but I would rather much see the writings of Charlaine Harris’ books on the screen then the mangled versions.