True Blood Has Revived HBO

July 16, 2009 by  


Bill Carter from New York Times Online recently posted an article on the revival of HBO’s programming due to the popularity of Alan Ball’s True Blood. In the article Mr. Carter states that:

“True Blood,” the pay cable giant has its first hit since “Rome,” and the numbers indicate it may be the biggest thing on the channel since “The Sopranos.” If that sounds surprising, it may be because few saw it coming — inside HBO or out.”

The article also provides information regarding the substantial gains HBO has amassed in viewership numbers within the first three episodes of second season of True Blood:

“In the three episodes measured so far this, its second, season, “True Blood” has amassed viewer totals that any network, including broadcast networks, would be excited to own: 12.1 million, 10 million and 10.3 million. And HBO has attracted those viewers from an audience base about a third the size of fully distributed networks.”

Alan Ball, the creator of True Blood, explains how he approached the network with his project:

“When I first pitched it, I said it’s popcorn television,” Mr. Ball said. “It has a lot going on beneath the surface, and I love the layers because I love to write layered stories. But I love the popcorn part of ‘True Blood.’ It’s just really great fun.” He also acknowledged the elemental reason the show works: “Women love the storytelling and the romance, and men love the sex and violence.

To sum it all up, Mr. Carter states:

“The first signs that “True Blood” was working were evident in DVD sales of the first season, which, according to HBO executives, reached about one million, again HBO’s highest for a series since “The Sopranos.”

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