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true-blood-pam-eric-chowTrue Blood Season 2 episode 2 reviews are in and according to Ken Tucker in his article ‘True Blood’ Rings of Honesty’ from EW weekly (Entertainment Weekly Online) it was better than the first installment.

Now of course we at know that, but in Ken’s words, “The second episode of True Blood was even better than the second-season premiere last week. The series has found a wonderful tone of humor mixed with suspense, with a dollop of eroticism (that is, when it isn’t ladling on big spoonfuls of eroticism).”

It seems lots of people are talking about the sexuality of the show and liking it. But he is also noticing all of the great subplots Alan Ball has created in True Blood Some others he mentions are,” Bill and Eric in the department store, and the way the saleswoman is turned on by Bill — vampires are irresistible… And the bigger, more important scene later on, when Maryann casts a spell over everyone in the restaurant and they all start wiggling sensuously.”

What he didn’t mention was the bit of humor thrown in where the sales women’s attention is swayed when Eric makes his entrance, and Bill comments on how much he likes the new cut. (By the way love the new hair, and the story behind it) which then leads the saleswomen to assume they are a couple.  The confusion on Bill’s face was priceless.

He also mentions Jason’s subplot which in his words “I’m most enjoying Jason’s time at the Light of Day leadership conference, where he’s charming both leaders, Steve and Sarah (Jason + Sarah = it’s just a matter of time, isn’t it?).” I would have to agree as much as Jason is trying to find himself his libido has a mind of its own.

I am glad to read everyone is learning what we already know: True Blood Rocks!

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