True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten is an August Man

February 13, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s ever-so-sexy Ryan Kwanten has taken over the cover of a Malaysian magazine, August Man, for their March 2010 cover. (He was photographed by Mitchell McCormack in a variety of poses and clothes as well.) In the magazine article that goes with the picture, Ryan answered a few questions about his life and acting.

First, in response to a question about keeping acting and his personal life separate, Ryan said that he keeps his life separate from his work in order to not be overrun by acting. The separation, which not all celebrities keep, means that his life does not revolve entirely around his job.

Another question was about Ryan‘s passion for acting. Here, Ryan commented that his experiences with acting (once the roles he was hired for were bigger and there were more complex storylines) allowed him to realize that acting really is a job, and that he loves it.

The final question was about Ryan moving to Los Angeles. Ryan claims he never intended to move to Los Angeles, but that once he arrived, he felt sort of stuck there, almost as if Los Angeles sank its teeth into him.

Of course, there are more pictures in the magazine, than just the cover, but to see those images, you need to click here.


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