True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten is one of Australia’s Top 10 Hunks

December 18, 2009 by  

Ryan-Kwanten-True-Blood-jean-jacketRyan Kwanten is gorgeous. A simple fact that a majority of True Blood fans have known since his first appearance in Season 1, Episode 1 of True Blood. And now, thanks to a poll on, it has been revealed to the public that Ryan is one of the top 10 Australian sex symbols. (This poll was done as part of the campaign ‘Hollywood’s Australians in Film’.)

No, Ryan did not take the number one spot (that went to Hugh Jackman), but at least we know how popular Ryan is amongst fans of television and film.

Other men included in the top ten (besides Ryan and Hugh) were Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek), Jesse Spencer (House), Sam Worthington (Avatar), and Eric Bana (Star Trek). Unfortunately, the only placement that can be confirmed is first place, but that doesn’t make our Jason Stackhouse any less sexy!


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(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)