True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Fought Hard To Be A Superhero

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Ryan Kwanten True Blood Jason StackhousePlaying Jason Stackhouse on HBO‘s hit series True Blood has brought a lot of high quality work to Ryan Kwanten’s way.  But he had to be very diligent when going for the role of Griff the Invisible, a new film about a mild-mannered superhero wannabe.

“It was such a beautiful, sweet story, and I really fought tooth and nail to play that character and to convince the director, producers, whoever it was, I didn’t care if it was the guy doing the catering, that I was the right guy for the job.  It was a very hotly contested role.”

Although he had to send four taped auditions to Australian director, Leon Ford, perseverance (and his talent) prevailed and Ryan got the part.  The film was shot between the 2nd and 3rd seasons of True Blood.

Although he loves playing Jason, Ryan said he does not want to play another Jason-like character in his time off from the show.  He wants more challenges and inspiration.

With Season 3 of True Blood coming to an end this Sunday, Ryan was asked in an article in the Toronto Sun what is ahead for JasonRyan said he has no idea, but he’s happy with that.

“I have to wait but to be perfectly honest, I really don’t mind,” he said.  “I’m not one of those actors, who must know everything and in fact, it sort of helps me with Jason — ’cause he’s such a spontaneous guy — to get the lowdown on my character the week before, the night before, whatever it may be, and then act on instinct and throw caution to the wind.  I think that, for me, works so much better than having all these pre-planned notions of where he’s going in life and what’s happening next.  He just doesn’t have that capacity of thought, I don’t think.”

Considering all the sex and nudity he’s had to portray, how comfortable does Ryan think his mother is with his character’s storyline?

“I don’t know if it bothers her, but I never pry that deep, to be honest,” he joked.

Griff the Invisible premiered Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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