True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Gets High Praise From Alan Ball

December 23, 2009 by  

Ryan Kwanten‘s brilliant performance as the lovable Jason Stackhouse has not only caught the eyes of millions of fans but also that of True Blood‘s creator, Alan Ball who only has high praise for him.

Alan states that all the actors had to leave all their inhibitions behind whether it was removing their clothes for sex scenes to being seen by millions in not the very best way.  For Ryan he had to deal with both, exposing himself both physically for the sex scenes and mentality by playing the bumbling town fool to millions watching the show.

As Alan states:

“One of the things I really appreciated about Ryan is his willingness to look foolish, Jason is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and a lot of actors might need to wink at the camera to let the audience know that ‘I’m not really this stupid’.”

This is one things that Alan admires about RyanRyan is an incredibly talented actor whose performance as the slow-witted Jason is so flawless and believable yet Ryan, who is nothing like his character, doesn’t allow it to bother him if people make the wrong assumptions about him.

Ryan is smart and talented and skilled and he makes it (Jason) look effortless, but he’s really nothing like Jason in real life.”

Alan acknowledges there is a fair amount of sex and nudity in the show and as he states:

“All the sex is in the books,” he says. “When you think about vampires they kind of are sex. Part of the whole appeal of the vampire is the eroticism of it – of being bitten and the penetration of flesh by the fang.”

However, True Blood is more then sex and horror but also examines deeper social and personal issues such as loneliness, intimacy and the outcasting of others who may be different in some manner.  Without preaching and making the storylines “in-your-face” commentaries about issues in today’s society, Alan is a master in telling stories in subtle ways that does not cause people to get their guard up. As he says:

“… it’s all done in this light-hearted amusement-park kind of way so it never feels heavy-handed. The books [Charlaine HarrisSookie Stackhouse novels for which the series is based on] walk this fine line between horror and adventure and romance and social satire. I got addicted somewhere around the third or fourth book. I thought, ‘this stuff holds up and it will be a really fun TV show’.”

Alan was right it is a really fun TV show and completely addictive as millions of True Blood fans wait anxiously for the return of season 3 to see what stories Alan and his creative team of writers have in store to tell regarding our favorite characters.


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  • Antonio

    Jason Stackhouse is a dimwit,a bonehead,bumbling and cluless,But, Ryan plays him very well. His character is great for comic relief and dimwitted humor. When Jason downed a whole tube of V and then had his “problem” I laughed myself silly!! At first, I thought it was somewhat gross but then the way the writers handled it It was a riot!! Jason is So clueless and downright ignorant its funny! I didn’t like Jason too much at first,but,Now his dimwit, Wat Ahh Due Nahw clueless act is just a funny part of the show. Plus He did become sort of a hero when he risked his life to help save Sam in S2. It will be interesting to see if he pursues a relationship(perhaps a brief one?) with Tara next season. I’m wondering if perhaps maybe Jessica might go after him…I guess we will just have to see!
    Ryan does a great job playing Jason.

  • lizzie

    Agree Nia! Ryan is a great actor who pulls off Jason to a T! AB chose well in casting Ryan!

  • Nia

    Ryan/Jason was incredible this past season!
    IMO he had some of the best lines.
    His hookup with Andy bellfleur was priceless.
    Jason never fails to make me laugh!!
    Sexy, silly Jason….we love you!