True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten Receives His Breakthrough Award

May 14, 2010 by  

Ryan Kwanten received his Breakthrough Award alongside Chris Hemsworth on the roof of the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. He gave quite an amusing acceptance speech too. Ryan said he Skyped with his father the night before the awards, and his father gave him several little hints to add to his speech. According to Ryan, his father said,

“‘Ryan, you have to tell them how proud you are to be an Australian and you have to use the term no worries’.”

Ryan continued in this vein;

“And he said ‘Talk about sausage sizzles. Let them know in Australia we turn everything into sausage sizzles’.”

(For all of us non-Aussies, I discovered that a sausage sizzle is basically a backyard party, where your friends and family hang out with you, and everyone enjoys grilled hot dogs, chicken, etc. The only difference is that at a sausage sizzle only has sausages on the grill.)

Ryan ended with one last thing his father said.

“Then he wrapped it up with this little pearl of wisdom: ‘Tell them how good your old man looks in a pair of Sluggos.’

“For you Americans that’s Speedos.”

Congratulations again to Ryan on his Breakthrough Award! We know that everything you work on will be great!

SOURCE: 9 News

(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)