True Blood is a “Sadistic, Twisted Fairy Tale”

June 1, 2010 by  

Alan Ball was recently interviewed by Sci Fi Wire writer Kathie Huddleston, and the interview was posted on her blog. In it, Alan discussed True Blood and what he’d like to see happen with Sookie.

Kathie started the interview by asking Alan about his biggest challenge this season. Alan said that keeping the show interesting for every episode while also keeping the characters organic is the hardest part of filming season 3 of True Blood. It also can be difficult to keep everything grounded for the show because each episode is like a little movie, especially with the amount of special effects and makeup used.

Next, Kathie asked about how long it typically takes to shoot an episode. Alan replied that it usually takes about 11 days per episode. (That’s not an odd number, as it takes most shows several days to film an episode, and several weeks to pull the footage together into what we see on air.) Alan also said that he’s grateful that HBO lets him take the time he needs on each episode, as they’re always happy with the end result.

Alan also described True Blood in the most wonderful way possible:

I mean, in a way, [True Blood is] kind of a fairytale… kind of a sadistic, twisted fairytale… but it is a little bit of a romance novel.

Kathie has a great interview on her site, and to read everything else Alan said to her, go to her site and check it out! It’s absolutely worth reading this interview in its entirety!


(Image Credit: HBO Inc.)