True Blood’s Sam Trammell is on Twitter

May 28, 2010 by  

True Blood‘s Sam Trammell has finally joined the Twitter world and now True Blood fans can follow him at @SamTrammell.  We can officially confirm that it is the real Sam Trammell.  So follow one of Bon Temps‘ nicest and lovable shapeshifter and if you tweet to him we know it will be a real treat if he tweets back to you!

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  • Antonio

    I know from watching interviews that Sam was a bit nervous about all this newer technology. This whole social networking thing is Both good And bad…not unlike many other things!
    I hope that people will respect his right to privacy and not disrespect him or speak in any way unkindly! Eric wanted Laffayette to have his blood so he could monitor him and keep track of his every move. I hope that if Sam feels in any way disrespected or treated unkindly he will come off of this medium. It never hurts to be cautious Be Well Sam Hope you know what you are doing!