True Blood’s ‘Sarah Newlin’ is the Talk of the South

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Anna Camp Opens Up About Work, Love and Her Desire to Go Dark:

True Blood's Anna Camp in a photo from Guns and Garden.

Anna Camp, memorable as the adulteress preacher’s wife Sarah Newlin on True Blood, is profiled in the current issue of  ‘Garden and Gun‘ magazine. The ‘Carolina girl’ talks about everything from her beloved Southern roots to her recent elopement, to how she won the role of Don Draper‘s date on ‘Mad Men‘, as well as her most recent film role.

In case you haven’t been following her promising career, Camp has kept quite busy since graduating from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts in 2004.

Other than her turn as Sarah Newlin in True Blood, she has appeared on Broadway opposite Daniel Radcliffe (‘Harry Potter’) in ‘Equus‘, guest starred on ‘Mad Men‘, and is now wrapping the film based on the best-selling novel, ‘The Help.

Speaking about how she won the role on the acclaimed series ‘Mad Men’, Camp shared that she originally had no idea she would be dating the Don Draper character, who is the male lead on the show. When she went in to read for the part, her lines were with a character named ‘Steven’. It wasn’t until she landed the role that she was surprised to find out the truth.

Camp Is One Of ‘The Help’:

Since then, she has been focusing on her film career, taking on a role in the Steven Spielberg-backed movie ‘The Help‘, based on the best selling novel by Kathryn Stockett. When asked what drew her into wanting to do the film, she joked that it was ‘a job.’ She revealed she had not read the book initially, but loved the script.

“I thought it captured this important moment in the history of the South and the civil rights movement. It’s also just beautifully written, with these amazing female roles that women would really want to play, which is rare.”

A Southern girl, born and bred, Anna said while filming ‘The Help’, the movie’s acting coach had to pull her back when her accent got too strong. She admitted she liked to ‘go there’ and get really Southern. When asked what she missed the most about the South when she’s in Los Angeles she replied:

There’s no worrying about the clock or what’s ahead. It’s all about what’s right in front of you. You can go get coffee and enjoy your coffee and then maybe walk into a bookstore. I love that mentality.

Camp also shared some details about her recent marriage to fellow thespian, Michael Mosley. She said though it wasn’t  a very ‘Southern thing’ to do, they eloped on the beach with no guests, something Camp ‘totally recommends’.

Finally, in response to the question of what she’d like to do next, Camp opined:

I kind of want to just dye my hair dark brown and wear glasses, mix it up a bit. I’ve played preppy and blonde for a while now—not that I don’t love that, too. But I’m ready to do something a little darker.

What do you think? Can you picture the ‘preppy and blonde’ Anna Camp playing something ‘a little darker’? What kind of role would you like to see Anna play?

Source: – Carolina Girl

(Photo Credit: Brad Swonezt, Garden and Gun)