True Blood’s Score Listed on Top 20 Soundtracks of 2009

January 3, 2010 by  

True Blood has done it again! The beautiful score by Nathan Barr has been placed on a Top 20 list for soundtracks from movies, TV, and video games for 2009 and takes the #11 spot. The, written by Mark Morton (whom we must thank very much for sending the information to us), so eloquently described Nathan‘s music that it must be read as it was written.

11. TRUE BLOOD (Nathan Barr) – Minimalist soundtracks have never been more heartfelt and moving than when Nathan Barr took on the True Blood project. And the score itself (no offense, Lisbeth) is beautiful enough to be released as an independent folk music album. Barr never ceases to amaze his audience with forward-thinking, compositional dexterity and an unending supply of esoteric instruments. Fingers are firmly crossed that Varese Sarabande releases a score for Season Two!

Once again, a special thank you to Mark Morton for sharing this with us.  You can read our in-depth, exclusive interview with Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott here as they discuss the complexity that goes into creating soundtracks for Alan Ball‘s phenomenal HBO TV vampire series True Blood.


(Photo credit: Isis Nocturne)

  • Nia

    Thank you Isis for posting this wonderful news.

    I still have the original soundtrack, and score in my car and listen to them everday on my travels. I like taking my obsession on the road with me. My husband and daughter have both uploaded it on to their I-Pods. How cool is that?!
    Speaking of the score,I enjoy all of the music, but I do have my favorites. “Take me home”, “Hairclip”, “Grieve to Grave to Groove”, “Bill and Sookie together”, the “Piano Love Theme”….. I guess, every incarnation of Bill and Sookies love theme.

    I do have to admit that “Bills Entrance” is my absolute favorite. I have commented on this particular one before…. I find this music so beautiful and haunting, yet also a foretelling about their relationship and future.

    This is what I hear in “Bills Entrance”. Sookie is the light hearted piano. Bill, the haunting, sorrowful cello. We first hear each instrument playing out of sinc as Sookie slowly becomes aware of Bill in the crowded room. As she walks toward him, the music slowly starts to meld together and soon each instrument is complementing each other and playing in unison.
    Bill and Sookie are two different people who slowly meld together. We see this as we hear the beautiful haunting music becomes one.
    Sighing heavily, with hand over heart!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, my heartiest Congratulations to Nathan Barr for his accomplishment. He is so gifted and talented, I can see why Alan B. has said how fortunated he is to have Nathan be a part of True BLood. I look forward to more of his music as each season progresses.

    In the Top 20 soundtracks of 2009!!!!! So well deserved.
    Cannot wait for more!

    • Hi Nia!

      Happy New Year! So nice to hear from you as always! I agree with you 100%! The music from the soundtrack is so moving and magical that when I listen to it I forget all my troubles and worries and drift into the magical world of True Blood and dream. 🙂

      • Nia

        Once again, AdoreBill, Lizzie, and Isis,
        we are all on the same wavelength. I am glad to know what the music make me feel, is also experienced by so many.
        I listen to it with my eyes closed (except of course when I am driving) and replay the beautiful images in my mind, and yes AdoreBill…..dream (mostly that I am Sookie..LOL).
        Bill and Sookies love story is captured so well by Nathan.

        • lizzie1701

          Hi Nia, AdoreBill and Isis! Once again Nia, my TB sister, has taken the thoughts out of my head and wrote them down! Unfortunately I have had not much computer time whilst on hols, but am flying back to Sydney in an hour (at Qantas Lounge in Brisbane using complimentary computer) and when I get home, I will be on a ROLL!!!!! So watch out Posters!!

          First thing I will do is put on both Nathan’s and the Official TB soundtrack on as I have missed hearing them so much!!!

  • lizzie

    I also have Nathan’s CD and I love playing it to death! Especially love Bill’s theme and the Bill and Sookie theme in the graveyard “take out your clip” segment!

    Well done Nathan ad Lisbeth!

  • jay

    Congrats TB and Nathan Barr thoroughly deserved.
    This is also off topic, but I just had to mention the character jesus valesquez has been cast. An actor by the name Kevin Alejandro, previous work include ‘southland’, ‘shark’ and ‘ugly betty’. Just like to say a big welcome to him from myself a true blood fan!!!

  • Katra

    Very cool! I looked at the link and saw that there was another score that is somewhat connected to True Blood via Anna Paquin. It’s the score for ‘Trick ‘r Treat,’ and Anna was in that too. Great movie, great soundtrack, and Anna was awesome in it.

    Plus, just fyi, The director of ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ has worked with Anna in the past. He was one of the head writers for X2: X-Men United.

    Sorry it’s so off topic, I just wanted to share that. And thanks Isis for writing this!

  • My little off topic comment: That CD is currently in my room in a place of honor. Nathan was really sweet and gave me almost an hour of his time when I got it signed at Dark Delicacies!