True Blood’s Score Listed on Top 20 Soundtracks of 2009

January 3, 2010 by  

True Blood has done it again! The beautiful score by Nathan Barr has been placed on a Top 20 list for soundtracks from movies, TV, and video games for 2009 and takes the #11 spot. The, written by Mark Morton (whom we must thank very much for sending the information to us), so eloquently described Nathan‘s music that it must be read as it was written.

11. TRUE BLOOD (Nathan Barr) – Minimalist soundtracks have never been more heartfelt and moving than when Nathan Barr took on the True Blood project. And the score itself (no offense, Lisbeth) is beautiful enough to be released as an independent folk music album. Barr never ceases to amaze his audience with forward-thinking, compositional dexterity and an unending supply of esoteric instruments. Fingers are firmly crossed that Varese Sarabande releases a score for Season Two!

Once again, a special thank you to Mark Morton for sharing this with us.  You can read our in-depth, exclusive interview with Nathan Barr and Lisbeth Scott here as they discuss the complexity that goes into creating soundtracks for Alan Ball‘s phenomenal HBO TV vampire series True Blood.


(Photo credit: Isis Nocturne)