True Blood: Season 1, Episode 3 – Mine

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trueblood-episode3Episode 3 begins right where we left off in Episode 2, with Sookie being greeted (less than enthusiastically) by some gruesome vamps (Diane, Malcolm and Liam). Sookie, as brave as ever, enters Bill’s house anyway, with the vampires following hungrily behind her. Bill sits motionless in the corner of the living room, almost completely blacked out by shadows, and only moves when the other vamps pounce on Sookie. Bill declares, “Sookie is mine,” a powerful phrase for vampires, for once a human is spoken for, no other vampire can feed from them (otherwise they will suffer greatly).

Feeling a little safer, Sookie notices that there are two other humans in the room: a muscular young man wearing nothing but jean cut-offs and a pale, skinny woman, both of whom have been glamoured. The two humans are obviously just chew toys for the vampires, and when Jerry, the young man, offers his neck to Bill, Sookie listens in to his thoughts and hears him hoping to infect the vampires with Hep D.

This is an important point. Up until this scene, we have not really been let in on any of the vampires’ weaknesses (other than the silver chains Bill was bound with earlier). Hep D is a virus that only effects vampires, and while it does not kill them directly, it severely weakens them for about a month, which means they are vulnerable to staking. It may also be of interest to some to point out that this virus differs slightly from what Charlaine Harris describes in the books.

Sookie yells out a warning just before Bill sinks his teeth in, and the vampires attack, breaking Jerry’s wrist and leaving him unconscious. Diane is extremely curious about how Sookie knew about Jerry, but Bill convinces her not to tell them about her gift, knowing they will attempt to exploit her. The vampires gather up their humans and exit.

Back at Merlotte’s, Tara and Sam lock up, but neither are in a rush to make it home (Sam to his trailer where he lives alone, Tara to her mother’s house where she would likely have to clean up after her drunken antics). Tara seems to know how Sam feels about Sookie, and encourages him to make a move before she becomes too smitten with Vampire Bill, but Sam is reluctant (ever the gentleman).

Back at Bill’s, Sookie is understandably shaken up, after all, she was almost vampire dinner. Bill describes the difference between vampires who live together (in nests) and vampires, like him, who live alone. Nesting vampires are more viscious, presumably because they are constantly surrounded by other vamps. But solitary vamps (especially mainstreaming ones like Bill) are usually able to retain a more human-like quality, mostly because they spend a lot of time around humans. Keep this in mind when you are introduced to other vampires throught the season. At this point, Bill also admits that he had a sexual encounter with Diane when she was first turned in the 1930s, to which Sookie responds (to great comedic effect), “Ew. Bill. Gross.”

Across town, Dawn arrives home from work, where she expects to find Jason still tied up to her bed where she left him. Instead she is attacked by a robed, masked and gloved man who says he just finished draining Jason and she’s next. A struggle ensues and the attacker begins to aggressively molest Dawn. Moments later, Jason removes the mask, revealing his identity, and tells to Dawn to “think of it as foreplay.”

At this point, Sookie has made it home where Bill appears out of nowhere, startling her. Not used to being startled (because she can always “hear” someone coming) she asks why she can’t hear him, and he reminds her that he’s dead. A rush of emotion overcomes her, and she tells Bill they shouldn’t see each other anymore (and a collective gasp can be heard coming from female fans the world over!). Bill matter-of-factly tells her that she will never be able to have a real connection with a human man because she’ll never be able to be herself around him. Needless to say, this is something Sookie has long feared.

Sam and Tara have moved from Merlotte’s to Sam’s trailer next door, where, after a short heart-to-heart, the two somewhat hastily decide to begin a “friends-with-benefits” arrangement. Jason and Dawn continue their romp as well, though Jason begins to see visions of the vampire in Maudette’s tape and freaks out. He tells Dawn that it bothers him that she’s been with a vampire, causing an argument that ends with a few warning shots (fired by Dawn) and an almost naked escape (performed by Jason).

Later on, Bill pays a visit to the nest shared by Diane, Malcolm and Liam (where Liam gulps blood from a pitcher and Diane daintily sips a blood-tini) to warn them to leave Sookie alone. He repeatedly tells them that she is “his,” to which they always roll their eyes. They also take the opportunity to make fun of his mainstreaming ways (and point out the upside down dead woman draining in the kitchen).

Just as Tara suspects, her mother is drunk once she makes it home. A fight ensures (with blood being drawn courtesy of a thrown liquor bottle). Tara takes refuge at Lafayette’s (who’s not alone when she arrives; he’s “entertaining” a state senator). This scene is important because of a seemingly offhand remark Tara makes to Lafayette: “Sam barks in his sleep.”

Jason stops by Lafayette’s hoping to score some viagra (thinking he needs it after his rough night with Dawn). Lafayette doesn’t sell it, but he does sell vampire blood, which raises libido in humans. Since the price is too high for Jason to pay with cash, he dons a mask and his tighty-whities for Lafayette’s website in exchange for the blood (a scene Tara stumbles upon by accident, and probably wishes she could erase from her memory).

The next morning, Sookie gets a call from Sam, who asks her to check on Dawn. Sookie goes to Dawn’s house to make sure she’s heading in to work, but there is no answer at the door. Slowly she enters the house, then Dawn’s bedroom, where the alarm beeps incessently and Dawn lies, dead, on the bed.

Key points: Hep D is a virus that weakens vampires; vampires that live together in nests are very dangerous; Lafayette deals drugs, and is also a prostitute; Sam barks in his sleep. Until next time…

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