True Blood: Season 1 Episode 4- Escape From Dragon House

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In true True Blood fashion, Episode 4 begins right where Episode 3 left off: with Sookie standing in Dawn’s apartment, looking at her lifeless body in pure shock and horror. As if seeing your friend and co-worker dead weren’t enough, Sookie is startled yet again, this time by the sound of breaking glass. To her relief, she turns to find her brother Jason, holding flowers. Jason attempts to console Sookie, but they are interrupted by Dawn’s nosy neighbor, Ms. LeFevre, who witnessed that whole ‘Dawn firing a gun at Jason” as he ran outside in his underwear thing. Jason immediately becomes defensive, reassuring everyone that the fight (and the gun) was unrelated to Dawn’s death. That’s when the police (and all of Bon Temps) show up.

Andy and Bud Dearborn begin by taking a statement from Ms. Levre, as Sookie sits on the steps shaken, listening as the coroner thinks about how nice Dawn’s breasts are. She also hears the worry in Jason’s head, and to no one’s surprise, Andy arrests Jason on the spot. Jason remembers the vial of V in his pocket when he is pushed into the back seat of the cop car, and hurries to hide it before he is searched. In a moment of confusion and panic he drinks the entire vial of V (disregarding Lafayette‘s “just a drop or two”rule) and shoves the empty vial between the seats.

Sam Merlotte arrives to check out the scene– he’s Dawn’s boss and landlord. He tells Sookie to take the day off, but she agrees to open the bar since people will likely need a drink on this particular day (and she will no doubt need a distraction, too). He concedes and then hurries away to open Dawn’s storage area for Andy and Bud.

truebloods1e4-109aBack at the station, the V has gripped Jason with raging ferocity. Let’s just say what you’ve heard about V increasing your libido was no rumor. It doesn’t help poor Jason that as he’s trying to conceal his situation as Andy Bellefleur sits a few feet away, grilling him relentlessly. Jason asks to be excused to “go pee” and Bud allows him to go (making Andy upset in the process). As Jason attempts to relieve himself, Tara arrives and begins tossing legal terms around to Bud and Andy, demanding they release Jason. She’s done enough reading to know they cannot charge or hold Jason, but she’s also having to stretch the truth a bit, providing Jason with the perfect alibi–Tara tells Bud and Andy “he was with me last night.” At this point Jason has exited the bathroom and happily played along with Tara‘s false account of their sordid affair. The lofty plan works, and the police let Tara take Jason to Merlotte’s.

Speaking of Merlotte’s, Sookie decides to use her ability to listen in on people’s thoughts for clues. She mostly only hears mens’ perverted thoughts about the dearly departed Dawn. When Tara and Jason show up, Sam is eager to discuss what happened between him and Tara, but she tells him they have to lie since she gave Jason an alibi. Jason only cares about one thing: releasing the tension in his jeans. He books it to the kitchen to ask Lafayette for help, with no success. His bad luck with Lafayette explains why Tara later finds him, pants around his ankles, covering his manhood with a steak in the walk-in freezer. Tara insists on taking Jason to the hospital and he reluctantly agrees.

At the hospital, the doctor naturally asks Jas0n whether or not he’s been using any drugs, since he needs to know if there is anything in Jason‘s system that may react with medications they might give him. Jason, true to his character, lies and says no. The doctor can see right through him, and proceeds to tell him he can receive no medication or anesthesia. Then he shows Jason the enormous needle he will use to drain the fluid from his penis (warning: ladies, even you will cringe during this scene).Tara tries to leave before the needle goes in, but Jason demands she stay and hold his hand. She echoes everyone’s sentiment when she says, “I ain’t never gonna be the same after this.”

At Merlotte’s, Sookie is getting nowhere in her clue-finding mission. When Bill arrives, she asks him to take her after she gets off work to Fangtasia, the vampire bar in Shreveport. He agrees, but is (happily) surprised when he sees Sookie dressed up “like vampire bait” in a low cut dress. He reminds her that he promised Gran he’d look after her, and she can see just how dangerous the evening will be when they pull up to Fangtasia.

In this episode, we are first introduced to the Shreveport vamps. First up is Pam. Pam is sassy and clever, she nearly towers over Sookie when she cards her at the door, her pale skin and red lips make her the perfect picture of a vampire. If you’ve read the books, you will probably note the slight difference in Pam‘s description in the book and her depiction on the screen. The differences are only physical, though, and only small, so it doesn’t distract from the storyline.

Next we meet Longshadow, the bartender. He is covered with tattoos and appears to be of Spanish or Native American descent. He is tough but helpful, agreeing to look at some pictures (one of Maudette and one of Dawn) that Sookie pulls out of her purse. When Sookie pushes for more information, asking Longshadow if he remembered who he saw the girls with, he said “That’s something we don’t notice around here–and you won’t either.” A chilling warning that Sookie intends to heed.

truebloods1e4-378aLastly, we are introduced to Eric, the nordic vampire Sookie spots sitting across the room in a throne. Bill sees she has taken notice of him, and the camera pans over to him as Eric sits stoically wearing all black. With shoulder length, stick straight blond hair, pale skin and tough demeanor he creates the image that he holds a lot of power. A male human approaches him begging on his knees to touch him as we listen in on his inner thoughts of how beautiful the ancient viking is and how he wishes to be accepted by him and offering himself to Eric, but he’s not interested, and instead Eric kicks him clear across the room. Eric then gestures for Bill and Sookie to join him, and Bill knows that could mean trouble.

truebloods1e4-383aSookie shows the photos of Maudette and Dawn to Eric, who unfortunately mentions that he’s “tasted” Dawn (those are Eric‘s fang marks on Dawn’s neck!). Sookie attempts to leave, but Eric is “not finished” with her yet. He attempts to catch up with Bill, but Sookie hears the thoughts of a human: an undercover cop. Sookie also hears the thoughts of another human who is in the bathroom being fed on by a female vampire (feeding in public is illegal). Sookie warns Eric, revealing her secret ability in the process, and the foursome of Eric, Pam, Sookie and Bill escape.

Sookie asks Bill for some quiet time on the drive home as she needs to calm down from the events at Fangtasia, so Bill pulls over to let recollect her thoughts.  Once pulled over Sookie apologizes to Bill for getting him into trouble but Bill tells her there is no need to apologize.  Bill states that “we vampires are always into some kind of trouble but I prefer to be in it with you.” Just then both Bill and Sookie lean into each other to kiss and just as they are about to a police car pulls up behind them with his lights on and sounds his siren.  Both Bill and Sookie pull away from each and Bill is visibly angry for the intrusion and harassment by the police.  Sookie does all the talking, but Bill becomes more angry and frustrated by the police officer’s attempt to intimate them when the cop asks to check Sookie‘s neck for fang marks. Bill in response tells the police officer why doesn’t he shine his light between her legs to which Sookie expresses her shock.  Bill then continues to state to the officer that vampires sometimes to prefer to feed from the femoral artery as the blood flows more freely down there  “so one doesn’t have to suck as hard, or so I’ve been told.”  At this point Bill shows his fangs to the officer who draws his gun at Bill. Bill then proceed to glamour the office into giving him the gun as Bill toys with him stating that the gun feels heavier then it appears and then points the gun at the officer’s head.  Reminiscent of Dirty Harry, Bill says “I do not take kindly to you shining your light in the eyes of my female companion… and as I have more than 100 years on you,  I do not take kindly of you calling me son.”  At this point Bill tells the officer he is not going to kill him but he is going to keep his gun as he releases the officer from his glamoured stated and turns to Sookie who is sitting beside him in shock. Bill then drives away, leaving the cop alone in the woods, crying and wetting his pants.

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