True Blood Season 1 Marathon on HBO

December 28, 2009 by  

For all True Blood fans who are craving for some True Blood to get them through the holidays, well HBO has answered your calls.  Starting tonight, Monday, December 28, 2009 at 8:00pm EST, HBO will be having a True Blood Season 1 Marathon with 3 episodes back-to-back each night.  A wonderful way to get your True Blood fix and the perfect way to start the New Year with a healthy dosage of Bill Compton, Eric Northman, Sookie Stackhouse, Jason Stackhouse, Sam Merlotte, Lafetteye Reynolds, Tara Thornton and Pam to get you through the long wait till season 3 begins.  Enjoy!

Click here to see the complete listing of airing of the episodes.

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  • Antonio

    As I said I haven’t seen much of S1 at all. So watching these on HBO is new to me! I must say, I’m impressed and wowed by the 1st season. The writing and the acting are So good! Its unbelievable! Season 2 is good,But, I think that the 1st season is better. Sookie was a different person when her Gran was alive and there with her. Sam was different..more involved,more of a friend to Sookie and to Tara. And as for Tara Gotta love that feisty attitude! Sam and Nelson said in an interview that they missed “Nasty Tara” in S2! Lafayette had more of an attitude an edge too in S1! From Sookie’s first “sex” dream of Bill to Jason’s “problem” as a result of OD’ing on V to Laffy standing up for himself regarding the “aids burger” thing its just great Tv!!

  • Antonio

    It’s neat to see these episodes. I hadn’t seen most of the 1st year. I started watching a couple of nights ago. I liked that they repeated the episodes on another channel just in case you missed one or didn’t see it all. I’ll admit there seems to be a charm, a mystique about the first few episodes of S1. AB and the writers make it seem that Bon Temps is just another small town where people are close and not much goes on. Ep.4 Escape from Dragon House is a good episode. It was cool to see Fangtasia and see Eric and Pam and that creepy longfellow at the bar. It almost reminded me of a bada-bing for vampires except a bit creepier. The part about Jason and his “problem” I thought that was a riot! I laughed myself silly! It was a touchy subject,but, the writers handled it in such a way as to make it funny! Jason can be such a bonehead he’s just so clueless But he can be really funny! a good laugh? you cant beat that!
    Sookie and Bill had a “fight” mostly over him glamoring a police officer who stopped them on the road after Fangtasia was raided. That part was kind of creepy. When Sookie told Arlene that she was not seeing Bill anymore,Sam looked pleased as a pig in …you know what. He asked her if she would go with him to the meeeting where people could hear Bill Speak about his past and the war. Of Course, it seems that this 1st “date” of Sookie and Sam did not go too well. They seemed to get along ok until Sookie mentioned Bill and then he started yelling at her and getting uptight. A lot happened in this episode. I’m glad i got the chance to see these. I saw most of S2 But there is just something about the 1st season so far anyway that just draws you in. Funny,how the dog always seems to be there watching Sookie and Bill. That part with Sam the rubber gloves and Dawn’s bed? Weird!! One Sick puppy!! LOL
    Anyway,its cool that HBO is re-running these episodes again.

  • Antonio

    I think that this is really neat! I’d never seen the first episode of S1 or much of S1 and I enjoyed Strange Love and The First Taste Ep.3 Mine is 1 of my favorites and Ep.1 is 1 of my faves of the whole series! This is So cool! I’ve seen these episiodes at least twice now I Love Tara’s attitude in the 1st couple of episodes!! When she quits her job after telling some pushy lady off and then smacks the stuff out of her boss…Unbelievable!! Anyway,I’m glad that HBO is re-running these Cant wait to see when Sookie first meets Eric!!

  • Angela

    I’m going to be watching HBO tonight!