True Blood Season 2: Alan Ball Spoiler Scoops

June 3, 2009 by  

true-blood-alan-ballAlan Ball had the opportunity to speak the various media outlets during a conference call and Jennifer Godwin from E!Online, Televisionary and Mo Ryan from the Chicago Tribune tweeted some of the comments that Alan made in reference to what audiences will be seeing during Season 2 of True Blood once it returns on Sunday, June 14, 2009 at 9PM/ET on HBO.

Here are the highlights that were mentioned:

  • Charlaine Harris will have a cameo in the final episode of the season;
  • Alan says Charlaine is “90 percent happy” with how the series has turned out so far;
  • Alan Ball hasn’t seen Twilight the movie or read the books, doesn’t quite understand a vampire story “about abstinence” — “I guess it makes it safe for young girls…”;
  • Vampires are sex”;
  • Alan has no intention of including Bubba in the show;
  • At some point in season 2, we will meet the oldest and “most human” vamp we’ve seen yet. A guy, not [Evan Rachel Wood‘s] character;
  • Evan Rachel Wood plays a powerful vampire in last 2 eps of S2 of True Blood, which returns on HBO June 14.
  • Per Alan, the theme for season 2 of True Blood is “the power of cults, whether strange neo-Greco-Roman cult or church/organized religion.”
  • Alan’s proved that he’s “remaining true to the spirit of the books” but there has to be a creative divergence eventually.


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  • Hey hot sex is Hot sex and it’s all damn sexy!! and don’t forget about Queen Sophie-Ann, Sookie’s cousin Hadly is her lover. so you will get yours and they also discussed homoerotic scenes with Eric and I know that will also be hot. So there will be lots of hotness to spread around even orgies. it’s an anything goes kind of season and I am sure there will something to satisfy (or piss off )everyone.And Yes If I misspelled Hadly or Queen Sophie blame all the pot I smoked in High School NO REPRIMANDS!!K?!

    • TAM3

      This season, so far so good! I’m glad to see Lafayette, even if he is chained up. I haven’t watched the 2nd ep as I was watching my basketball team, the Seattle Storm play in Phx, and beat them!! I am going to watch it before I go to sleep. I look forward too seeing Michelle Forbes character. I have become hooked despite me earlier reservations when I took the blinders off and just watched it for the storyline.

  • TAM3

    Now that you have killed off the only gay guy, how about making Michelle Forbes character a lesbian who encourages Tara to come “out” I didn’t watch the first season of True Blood for the fact that I didn’t want to watch hetsex, but since I love vampires, werewolves, and Michelle Forbes I TiVo’d TB and scrolled past the sex scenes. I got hooked, but I’m still going to record the show and scroll past the sex scenes, call me a prude but I don’t care what hets do in their bedrooms as long as I don’t have to see it.

    • TBwatcher

      You are so beyond strange. I don’t care if ur gay or str8 i don’t care what you do in your bedroom. and, i’m not about to ff scenes where there is sex….geez…it’s one thing to be gay another thing to have that label make you crazy as shit. str8 an gay people have sex…damn it’s not that serious…or maybe for you it is. Watch the damn show and shut up!..LOL

  • Maryanne

    I love Bubba in the books, (and I have read all of them!), but I don’t think the character would translate well on screen. I fear Bubba would become a bit “cheesey”. However, he is great fun in the books.

  • Denise Strand

    Whaaa??? No Bubba, ah I’m disappointed LOL. I can understand why though. I cant wait for the first series to be shown in the UK, its going to kill me waiting for the 2nd series, I hope they run them close together here!

  • Louisianagirl29

    No Bubba! That’s not fair! I love Bubba.