True Blood Season 2: Ashley Jones Speaks with Soap Opera Weekly

May 14, 2009 by  

ajonesRecently Soap Opera weekly had the opportunity to speak with Ashley Jones who will be joining the cast of True Blood for season two as bar waitress, Daphne and juggling her commitment as Bridget on The Bold and Beautiful.

It seems that Ashely Jones is working extra hard this days trying to do double shifts.  She mentions in her interview that she is having a wonderful time working on True Blood but there are days (or perhaps I should say nights) where she may find herself working all night on the set of True Blood and then after wrapping up heading straight to the set of The Bold and Beautiful.  However, she not complaining because as she mentions those days are few and far between and she considers herself lucky to be working on two shows.

As to whether The Bold and Beautiful audiences will tune in to catch Ms. Jones on True Blood and vice versus we will have to wait and see.  Perhaps as Ms. Jones jokingly mentions during the interview that references to True Blood could be thrown in on The Bold and Beautiful.  You never know we just may see a can of Tru Blood sitting on a counter, as characters talk about the vampire show on HBO as a promo for True Blood flashes on the tv screen during one of the episodes of The Bold and Beautiful.

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  • Larry

    Dont know about anyone else, but the scene of her and Sam lying naked on a pool table was worth watching Trueblood for.