True Blood Season 2: Behind The Scenes in Louisiana

July 11, 2009 by  

A special thank you goes out to pbartteacher for sending us information about the arrival of the cast and crew of Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV vampire series True Blood who are shooting in Louisiana.  The crew is setting up to shoot in Clinton, Louisiana (a town in East Feliciana Parish) with filming also taking place at several locations in Baton Rouge.  Part of the reason for  shooting in Louisiana is to capture the essence of the South; and as executive producer Gregg Fienberg states, “It’s really important for them (the actors) to get a chance to be in Louisiana and feel the heat and see the town.”  It also helps that Louisiana provides a new tax credit (30% on whatever is spent in the state) for studios wishing to film in the state making it more enticing to shoot productions there.

The cast of True Blood are currently shooting episode 10 in Clinton, Louisiana and they should wrap up shooting over the weekend.  Anna Paquin stated that “It’s beautiful down here.” “Nothing really looks like the South except the South … It’s really important to come down here and capture it.”  The cast and crew hope to return to Clinton to do some more filming if the show is picked up for a third season (for which we, True Blood fans, are all wishing.

Here are a few photos from the cast and crew in Louisiana from thanks to pbartteacher for the links to the photos and a video of behind the scenes from Louisiana with a shout out to The Vault for the find.






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