True Blood Season 2: New Bill and Sookie Video Promo

May 12, 2009 by  

sms2videoclip3Ok another True Blood season 2 promo video done to the Bob Dylan song has come out and this time it features only Bill and Sookie getting up close and steaming up the tv screens.  It seems that season 2 of True Blood is looking up to be one full of intensity. HBO is doing a fantastic job building the anticipation for season two which begins on June 14.

  • Elizabeth

    I agree! More Bill! He is such a hunk – I wish some man would look at me like Bill Looks at Sookie – those eyes!

    • Nia

      AdoreBill and Elizabeth, it is good to see such “Bill” fans. He is amazing and we cannot get enough. I am seeing a lot of Eric lovers out there and don’t get me wrong, Eric is cute, and fun, but it is still Bill who has captured us through and through. More Bill always!!!!!! And also keep the teasers comming, more, more, more.

  • Nia

    Can there ever be too much Bill? I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!

    • Nia I am so glad you are enjoying all the latest news coming out. It seems that the past 2 days we have been bombarded with new True Blood news and I am not complaining one bit! Just can’t wait until season 2 starts! All these teasers are killing us! LOL! Oh yes one more thing. You are right you can never get too much Bill!!!!