True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Goes Big

May 22, 2009 by  

bcgawkerWow Vampire Andrew is hitting the big times with his Blood Copy blog.  Blood Copy has been picked by Gawker Media that runs several websites including Gawker, Jezebel and io9 just to name a few (I’ll let Vampire Andrew do the honors and tell you himself the roster of websites that his blog is now going to be associated with).  So it look like his Blood Copy blog is going to get really dolled up, oops wrong word I mean vamped up with this big media site handling it.  Vampire Andrew says he will be bringing to us information that we could never have dreamed of before and some of it may be disturbing.  I hope for both Vampire Andrew and Gawker’s sake that they will be able to work with each other and try not to control one another.  Otherwise one of these two will end up being a pain in the neck and getting one if you know what I mean.  So congratulations Vampire Andrew on your Blood Copy blog getting picked up by a big media site.  Hope it “turns” out for the better.  Get it, “turns’ out for the better.  Ok I’ll stop now.  Check out his Blood Copy site because every vampire likes to have his fangs stroked.

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