True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Look at Street Performers for Vampires

May 15, 2009 by  

bloodcopy_headerVampire Andrew reports on Blood Copy that some humans have discovered a way to profit from the emergence of vampires and it does not involve in the illegal practice of selling vampire blood or “V juice” as it is commonly referred to on the streets.  Instead one young man has discovered a different type of street business that has been profitable to him and that is as a street musician playing old tunes from the 18th or 17th century that vampires recall from their youth.  As the young street musician states in a video that he is aware that vampires are very well off because they have had perhaps centuries to build their fortunes and as a result tend to be the best tippers. To get a glimpse into the world of a street performer who caters to the musical needs of vampires check out the video on Vampire Andrew‘s Blood Copy blog and let him know what you think.


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