True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Look at Vampires in Sports

May 20, 2009 by  

bcsportsVampire Andrew is stating on his Blood Copy report the virtue of the abilities that vampires possess.  It may not be all the things that television or films have made up through the years, but some are however, true.  Though vampires cannot change into a bat (while there are others that can do such things) or become invisible they can possess some powerful attributes such as the ability to move quickly and have great strength.  Now this could cause some humans to be even more fearful of vampires however, vampires are striving to prove that their special abilities can be made useful particularly in sports.  Now in order to make the plays fair each professional team would need to have one but then with just the one would you need the rest of the team?  One thing for sure it would definitely take the games to a higher level.  Go over and read Vampire Andrew‘s perspective on the topic on his Blood Copy blog and let him know whether vampires should be allowed to play in professional sports or not.

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