True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Look At the Social Impact of Vampires

May 30, 2009 by  

83796171Looking at Vampire Andrew‘s Blood Copy blog he examines the social impact that vampires have made in human society.  One of the biggest areas is the increase in female fangbangers who proudly talk about there experiences and bite marks via webcams over the internet.  Young women across the country have increasingly turned to the internet to showcase their markings and spout the virtues of “being” with a vampire.  Well at least they have good taste.  Oh bad joke.

Perhaps the biggest impact that vampires have made to society is the inclusion of new words in everyday language.  Think about it a few years ago no one would nave known what was a fangbanger, bloodhead, TruBlood or V was until now.  Now these words are part of our everyday language and mentioned in the media on a daily basis.  Well if you want a more in-depth look at these fangbanger girls or a refresher course on vampire terminology check out the Blood Copy blog to get all the information.