True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Look at Vampires in the Workplace

May 13, 2009 by  

bcworkEven though vampire Andrew has been turned for only a short time period he sure does seem to know a lot about the inner workings of the vampire world.  It seems that he has learned quickly what jobs vampires can and cannot do since they can only work during night but then again you have to ask yourself  “Do vampires really need to work?”  I mean then don’t need to eat and if they need a car or a place to stay they could always glamor someone into giving them the things that they need or money.  However, there are some that do prefer to in engage in the activity of  work for the purpose of profit or perhaps just to keep themselves busy somehow.   Anyways there seems to be a market that is specifically geared towards vampires and ones that suit them.

According vampire Andrew vampires need coffins shipped, homes made light proof and who else would know better than another vampire.  Also since they can work through the night everyone can benefit with 24 hours service in everything including lawyers, accountants and great police officers for the graveyard shift.

To help quell the air of mistrust and suspicion of vampires, the benefits of their inclusion in society is being promoted.  Think about in terms of an employer.  No sick days, they are not influenced by drugs or alcohol, and are fast workers.  Who wouldn’t want to hires vampires. Well go see for yourself on vampire Andrew’s blog at Blood Copy and weigh in on the debate about vampires in the workplace.   A good thing or not let your voice be heard.

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