True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Looks at Vampires in Society

May 19, 2009 by  

bccrimeVampire Andrew is posting on his Blood Copy blog some videos about vampires integrating into human society with some interesting results.  Another benefit I just realized with vampires coming out is that the crime rate may actually lower with their emergence.  Criminals may think twice as to who they decide to target as they may chose the wrong person or vampire and find themselves never robbing anyone again permanently as we see in Vampire Andrew video clip here.

Also vampires are now slowly being accepted into the mainstream with the first ever vampire to be cast as a primary character on a TV series entitled “The L.E.S.” The show features a vampire dealing with real life situations as he lives openly among humans including in this video clip the possibility of rejection from the one he loves because he is a vampire.  Times are changing and it seems that vampires and human are slowing coming to terms with it, we hope.  Check out the videos on Vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog as highlighted above and let him know what your thoughts are about human and vampire relations.

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