True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Looks at the Dark Side

May 21, 2009 by  

bchumanVampire Andrew presents on his Blood Copy blog a disturbing video that looks at the dark side of the vampire world that some wish to engage in: the enslaving of humans as pets to serve vampires.  Not only is it disturbing to see on the video a vampire “purchasing” humans to become his slaves to do with them as he pleases but also seeing humans who engage in the act of capturing and forcing other humans into slavery.  As Vampire Andrew states there are enough fangbangers out there to satisfy the needs of vampires that this type of behavior is unnecessary.  It seems that both these humans and vampires who engage in this activity simple choose to follow a dark path in their existence and such behavior cannot be tolerated.  It is good to see that Vampire Andrew has not chosen the dark path and still maintains a little bit of humanity in him still.  Check out the disturbing video on Vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog and see if you recognize any of the perpetrators to bring them to justice.

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