True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy on TV

May 20, 2009 by  

bcshowVampire Andrew and his Blood Copy Report blog is starting to draw attention from the mainstream media it seems.  According to Vampire Andrew, the TV show called “The Perspective” hosted by Victoria Davis is giving Blood Copy a shout out on her show.  She examines the impact on mainstream society the emergence of vampires and looks at both the pros and cons as seen through video clips that Blood Copy has presented on its site.  How can we forget the ATM video, now that is something that I love seeing.  A criminal gets a taste of his own medicine.  It reminds me of an old slogan that use to run on TV, “Take a Bite Out of Crime.” Well with vampires now living among us that slogan is more true now then ever, so criminal watch out!  I wouldn’t want to spoil it for Vampire Andrew by presenting “The Perspective” video here.  Also I don’t want him breathing down my neck literally.  So check out the shout out that Vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog is getting and show him some love by commenting on it.

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