True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Party Report

May 30, 2009 by  

blood-copy-party-picVampire Andrew and his Blood Copy Team threw their party on the rooftop of Gawker Media with both vampire and humans in attendance to celebrate the premiere of Blood Copy on Thursday, May 28, 2009.

It seem the party had all the elements that a vampire would need in order to really enjoy the party, TruBlood Marys and several cocktails:  Sookie (Stackhouse Lemonade), Bill (the Compton Cocktail), The Bayou (Bayou Blast), music and mist covering the rooftops of many of the surrounding buildings to create the atmosphere of a Louisiana night in the middle of New York City.

Vampire Andrew and the rest of the partygoers engaged in various conversations ranging with some people frustrated with the sudden surge in vampire interest from the Twilight series, calling it “the Hello Kitty of vampires.” to others touting the exclusiveness of the event saying, “Vampires are more elitist than the VIP section of Marquee.”    It seems Vampire Andrew got too wrapped up in the event that he lost his messenger bad or did he.  You can see in the photo gallery there are a couple of strange individuals and one in particular is the female who always seems to appear in some photos looking very mysterious.  Anyways the party turned out to be a success and you can see for yourself the fun everyone had at the Blood Copy Party.


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