True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Will Rise From the Darkness

May 8, 2009 by  

bc5It looks Roger’s search for Andrew has finally ended in probably in a way that many of you may have suspected.  Andrew is dead and is never coming back with Andrew to Bon Temps, Louisiana.  Instead it seems that Andrew has been turned and the creatures that he had been investigating, the vampires who have revealed themselves to society, well he is one of them now.

He didn’t seem that much different from how he was before.  He was cordial, polite and was even apologetic for the way he set up the meeting with Roger and the whole cloak and dagger scenario of it.  However, the new Andrew wanted to make sure that Roger would show up for the meeting and to hand over Blood Copy to him to take care of from now on.  It seems that Blood Copy will now have a new agenda soon, but what that that may be we will have to wait and see. Go over to Roger’s last entry and leave some word of advice or encouragement for him because it looks like we will not be seeing him again.  Blood Copy last entry from Roger.

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