True Blood Season 2: Blood Copy Want To Know What’s Your Opinion

May 20, 2009 by  

bcvampVampire Andrew is posing an interesting question on his Blood Copy blog and I know he really wants to hear your honest answers.  With all the media hype since the emergence of vampires there still exists two camps it seems: those for and those against.  The ones in the pro camp seem to understand that vampires just want to be accepted by society and be allowed to have the same rights and freedoms as humans  to go about their every night “undead” existence.  Then there are those on the con side that believe that vampires are an abomination that should be removed from the earth and should meet their final death.  So now Vampire Andrew wants you to think about his question:  What do you think when you hear the word vampire? Does your mind wander to the negative aspects that have been brainwashed into your brain by years of bad horror films or do you find yourself on the pro side and see them as no different from yourself except that they can only come out at night and tend to be a little stronger, faster and drink only blood.  Vampire Andrew wants the stereotyping of vampires to cease and for more people to join the pro side and to see them for what they really are: equals. Post you thoughts on Vampire Andrew’s Blood Copy blog now.

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