True Blood Season 2: BloodCopy Fangs Up with Gawker

May 27, 2009 by  

blood-copy-gawkerVampire Andrew is posting his first Blood Copy blog in association with Gawker Media to spread the word that vampires are everywhere and are slowly coming out of the coffin.  To the usual readers of the Gawker Media outlet, Vampire Andrew explains to them in his first post the vampire culture and not to fear them.  Well with the development of the synthetic blood and bottled TruBlood available everywhere from delis to barrooms across the country vampires no longer need to hunt humans.  In fact Vampire Andrew emphasizes that humans and vampires can co-exist and have meaningful relationship as inter-being dating sites are popping up everywhere to meet the demands.

Vampire Andrew explains what was the purpose of his blog from the very beginning. To separate the myths from the facts about vampires and it seems people are listening.  Before Vampire Andrew was turned the purpose of the Blood Copy blog was to investigate the usual messages and events that were appearing across the country a while back.  Now with vampires becoming part of the mainstream society and Vampire Andrew now a vampire himself the purpose of the Blood Copy blog is to teach humans about vampires so both can co-exist in harmony.

So now with his Blood Copy blog getting more attention Gawker Media saw the opportunity to take Blood Copy under its wing and to take Vampire Andrew’s message to a higher level.  Blood Copy is now part of a bigger media site and will be able to spread the word about the world of vampires which includes fangbangers, bloodheads, shape-shifters and even have some celebrity vampire gossip as well.

Therefore Vampire Andrew welcomes all old and new readers of his blog to enjoy his findings, commentaries and insights into the world of vampires presented to you by a vampire.

So go over to his new designed Blood Copy blog and congratulation him on his expansion as some commenters seem to have expressed their distaste for a vampire blog and do not seem to understand his purpose.


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