True Blood Season 2: Cast News for Episode 7

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More True Blood Season 2 casting news for Episode 7 “Release Me.” Sarah Scott has been cast to play the role of Francis who is described according to a previous casting call as a pretty young chorus girl who has been hired by Lorena to dance for Bill during a 1935 flashback scene. She is described to be giggly, excited, and very drunk.  During the scene she will have to know how to tap dance.

sarahscottMs. Scott has appeared on television in episodes of  “CSI: NY,” “Medium,” and “Arrested Development,” and in moives including “Haunted Boat,” “The Devil’s Muse,” and “The Grind.”  She will be appearing in the upcoming movie entitled, “The Last Hurrah” which is sceduled to be released December 2009.


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  • Heather

    Oh well, here’s an idea, ready for it, it’s a big one: STICK TO THE BLOODY BOOKS!

    • As I have stated before this TV series is not called the Sookie Stackhouse series but True Blood which is based on an adaptation of the world that Charlaine Harris has created. I have read all of the Charlaine Harris books and enjoyed them for what they are but I personally do not want to see a re-enactment of the books. I am enjoying Alan Ball’s creation immensely and love how he is taking this imaginary world and making it come to life with its own twists and turns.