True Blood Season 2: Casting and Spoiler News

May 12, 2009 by  

apnewMore True Blood Season 2 casting and spoiler news coming out from SpoilerTV.  Another casting call has been placed for Episode 10 “New World In My View” for a minor character (Random Frenizer).  This character is described as a male or female in their 40s who is an individual in a crazed mobs. He/she hoots maniacally and is eager for some blood and gore. This character will be seen in 1 scene and will have 1 line.

In other spoiler news Bill and Sookie’s relationship is put to the test in Season 2.  According to SpoilerTV Sookie gets attacked by some strange creature and as a result Bill has to recruit Eric’s help save her, but this results in the love triangle being born.  It seems we are going to see lots of tension developing between the three of them in the future.

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  • andrea

    Oh and yes again PLEASE ignore my typos 2nd graders type better I should have my neighbors kid type, he can’t talk yet but I bet he can type better thanks all!

  • andrea

    Oh it is Hot I want Anna’s …job Yes and I would make them take retakes”ooops did ya get that?? I think you need to kiss me again…sorry I know its been 10 times but I am not quite feelin the scene yet” “Oh and of course it’s in my contract yes, you can touch me where ya like see here mmm- hmmm touch at well so go ahead …

  • Tosha

    This is hot

  • If you guys think the show is hot…you should read the books. Charlaine Harris does an awesome job!

  • Nia

    A love triangle between Sookie, Eric and Bill is going to keep me on the edge of my seat. Awesome story. Two beautiful men (vampires) fighting over the love of a women? Are you kidding? What women wouldn’t give to be in that stuation. Especially with Bill in the mix. Bring it on.

  • Rebecca

    I really hope that’s true!!