True Blood Season 2 – Casting Call for Episode 2.08 – Timebomb

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billandsookiesafeTrue Blood season 2 casting call has been sent out for Episode 2.08 entitled, “Timebomb” which is set to begin filming around April 21, 2009.  There are three roles that need to be filled according to the casting call and of course take the following information with a grain of salt as we know sometimes these casting calls could be red herrings.

Frank: He is described as a man between the ages of 25 – 35 and is considered to be one of the largest and best-trained members of Fellowship of the Sun and he guards the church. During the scene he tells Jason it’s in lockdown but when Jason reveals his official ring Frank is impressed and steps aside — but not for long. This is set for a Guest Star appears.

Brent and Kyle:  These two men are both in their 30s and these Fellowship of the Sun members guard the church’s anteroom. In the scene they encounter Eric and are skeptical of him at first but then they appear to fall under the vampire‘s spell. There are 3 lines, 1 scene; and 1 line, 1 scene, respectively.

Rich: Is another Fellowship of the Sun member in his 30s and he tries to stake Eric but gets pinned and trapped. He then tells Eric he’ll never make it past the rest of the group because they’re armed with wooden arrows. There are 2 lines, 1 scene.

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