True Blood Season 2 Casting Call: Episode 2.10 – New World In My View

May 11, 2009 by  

True Blood Season 2 casting call news for Episode 2.10 entitled “New World in My View.” Spoiler TV is reporting that a casting call has gone out for three minor roles for the newly entitled episode.  Here are the characters required:
– This character is described as a handsome, well-groomed but hot-headed middle-aged chauffeur  who gets freaked out and then furious when a couple of “hick town tweekers” smash land onto his car out of nowhere and then the windshields shatters.  This character will be scene in 2 scenes.

Nikki –  This character is described as a clueless, 20-something sorority girl with her name on her T-shirt and shows up at Lafayette‘s place looking for some V to score so she can get through her finals. Even though it is obvious that it is not a good time for her to be there, she states that she won’t leave until he helps her.  This character has only 1 scene.

Secret Serviceman – This role requires a serious-looking vampire to be decked out like a secret serviceman (sunglasses and earpiece) and has to pats down Bill.  He then tells Bill the Queen Sophie-Anne is expecting him.  This character will appear in only 1 scene.

SOURCE:  SpoilerTV
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