True Blood Season 2: More Casting News

March 16, 2009 by  

true_blood_0104True Blood Season 2 is casting another character for episode 6 “Friend Is A Four Letter Word”. According to SpoilerTV True Blood is casting for the role of Sidney who is described as 45ish and will be seen during a flashback to the 1920’s. He is probably a bootlegger with money. He looks like a mobster (Chicago not NY) and he and his beautiful companion are enjoying the music at a 1920s Art Deco House. As in the previous casting call Sidney will also be shocked but intrigued by Lorena’s invitation to enjoy the scandalous after-hours partying. 1 speech & 6 lines, 2 scenes

As we have stated before sometimes the show will put out false casting calls to throw fans off the trail and keep the element of surprise for the show. Now as to if this is one of the false casting calls we don’t know and will not know until the premiere of season 2. Either way the anticipation for season 2 is building and fans cannot wait to see what will happen next in the series.


(Photo credit: HBO Inc.)