True Blood Season 2 Casting News: Meet Godric, Kenya and Vampire Guest

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Allan Hyde

More True Blood Season 2 casting news for three more additional actors to join the cast.  Alan Ball’s hit HBO TV series True Blood is going to be loosely following book 2 for season 2 and as a result one of the key characters in it is going to be Godric.  In previous casting calls Godric is described as a vampire that is over 2000 years old but looks like a 15 year old. The actor to play this part must be 18 or emancipated, small in stature, youthful appearing but must be able to convey to the audience that he is very powerful and wise. Godric is to have an accent but it can be from anywhere.  Well Alan Ball has found just the person to play the character in 19 year old Danish actor, Allan Hyde.  Mr. Hyde will be appearing in 3 episodes as the ancient vampire who plays a prominent role in the plot for season 2.  Mr. Hyde has appeared in several Danish productions including the TV series “Album,” “2900 Happiness” and a movie short entitled, “Awakening.”  He has also appeared in several plays and has lend his voice to a sea of international animation and children’s films.

Tanya Wright

Tanya Wright

Another actress to join the cast of True Blood for season two is Tanya Wright, who is cast to play the role of Kenya.  Now if you recall she did make a very brief appearance in season 1 as the Bon Temps police officer who finds Tara drunk after her car crash.  This season she returns to reprise her role as Officer Kenya in Episode 4 “Let‘s Take A Trip Together,” and Episode 8 “Timebomb” as of to date.  Ms. Wright has an extensive acting career appearing in many TV series including “24,” “NYPD Blue,” and “The Handler” to name few.

Pasquale Cassalia

Pasquale Cassalia

Pasquale Cassalia has been cast to play the role of “vampire guest” in which he will appear in Episode 1 “Nothing But the Blood.” Mr. Cassalia is an Italian actor who has previously appeared in  “Heroes: Destiny” and in several movies including “Blood Night,” “The International,” and “Angels & Demons.”


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