True Blood Season 2: Casting News Surprise

April 20, 2009 by  


Adrienne McQueen

True Blood season 2 casting news is still coming out with a very interesting character being cast.  According to three more individuals have been cast with one that will cause a lot of people to wonder what Alan Ball has in mind for next season.

Adrienne McQueen has been cast to play the Sorority Girl in Episode 1, “Nothing But The Blood.”  Ms. McQueen has previously worked on “Prison Break,” “BloodRayne” and “Brotherhood of Blood” to name a few of her projects.

Ailsa Marshall has been cast to appear in Episode 4, “Let’s Take A Trip Together” and Episode 5, “Never Let Me Go,” as the Desk Clerk.  As we know from previous spoiler news that her scenes will occur while Bill and Sookie are in Dallas and are staying at the vampire hotel.  Ms. Marshall has previously worked on “Entourage,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Richard III,” “Breathing Room” and will be appearing in the upcoming movie “Baby O.”

Ailsa Marshall

Ailsa Marshall

Simone Bargetze has been cast to play the role of Possessed Sam / Kidnapper in Episode 6, “Friend Is A Four Letter Word” and Episode 7, “Release Me.”  Now there has been no previous information about this character in casting calls so people will be wondering what does it mean?  Is it a kidnapper

Simone Bargetze

Simone Bargetze

who captures Sam or is it that Sam is possessed and somehow transforms?  It is the “/“ in-between the two words that throws you off and raises a lot of questions but at the same time makes you wonder if it is another way to throw curveball at us and introduce a character that will not be seen.  Either way it just adds to the suspense to see what will happen on season two of True Blood.

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