True Blood Season 2 DVD and Blu-ray Cover Art

January 12, 2010 by  

We were all excited last June when True Blood fans found out they could go ahead and pre-order the complete second season of this hit show on Blu-ray Disc or regular DVD. HBO had not sent out a release date and still hasn’t to this day. But with the shooting having already begun on the highly anticipated season 3, which is set to air in June, HBO has already begun to leak out the cover art for “True Blood – The Complete Second Season”, which we expect will be released around the time of season 3’s premiere. What fans are most excited about is the Blu-ray edition which has a blue corner banner describing the 5-disc set having “Exclusive New Blu-ray Features” and “True Blood Enhanced Viewing” of all 12 episodes. Sounds fangtastic! I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy! As HBO releases more details about the season 2 box set we will be sure to pass all the juicy info on!

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  • They,So…better get season 2 sent out!!! My interest is fading….But, I am positive it will come right back when I get it!!! It’s like La-La-La….I am so, bored…They need to get them sent!!!! I’m serious…really, I am…..Geez, HBO..Get Movin!!!

  • Antonio

    A Stephen Moyer or Alex Skarsgard Or Sam Trammell commentary track? That would be SO COOL! I’d definitely buy it then!!

  • Antonio

    No date yet,huh? It seems great! I just hope that they include more special features on S2 dvd! Interviews with cast and crew Steph,Anna,Sam,Alex Debrah Ann,Nelsan Ryan The cast is so good! It would be nice if they had a little “chronicle” of how the show took off and became a phenomenon for the fans in its 2nd year! A making of semi-documentary would be nice.
    It would be cool if they could include some of the Tv interviews like Steph on Regis and Kelly Like that 1 So much!! Maybe a couple of Sam and Alex interviews?

  • Emma

    I soooo hope there are good extras! Cover looks good, hope Eric is on the Season 3 cover as well…

    • Emma

      Oh just a note on the “True Blood Enhanced Viewing”, I hope this time there is a way to view them without watching the episode… like a way to skip to all the features…

      And yes agree that Alan Balls commentary was superb.

  • pbt

    Rubbing hands and licking lips on this news. Still waiting patiently for the DVD or the Blu Ray version. There are always so many extras in these DVDs. I particularly enjoyed Alan Ball’s commentary on the Season One DVDs. So much information. I know Kristin Bauer did an interview and said there was some information about Pam and Eric on the Season Two DVD, I believe.

    And of course, to see all our True Blood favs again will be awesome.

  • *sigh* I guess I’ll have to get that Blu-Ray player now… Replacing my over 2000 DVDs with Blu-Ray is gonna be a challenge though… And when can we just start calling it “BR”? DVD is so much easier to type LOL

    • You don’t have to replace your DVDs! I have my blu-ray player at home (it’s a Sony), and I play my regular DVDs on it all the time. It even sharpens the quality of those!

  • I cannot wait to get this on Blu-Ray! It’s going to look SO great next to my season 1 Blu-Ray set!