True Blood Season 2 DVD Special Feature with Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio

May 14, 2010 by  

The DVD set for the second season of True Blood, which will be released on May 25th, includes many fun and interesting special features. One big fan of the show, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio, was asked to participate in a segment called “Vampire News with Victoria Davis.”

He designed a cocktail for humans to enjoy while their vampire companions drink TruBlood:

“It was funny because I didn’t plan to taste it. I remember it was a lot of beet juice and I just thought, ‘Oh, this thing is going to be disgusting,’ but it actually tasted pretty good.”

Tom shows you how to make the blood-red veggie drink, and you are left with “the perfect solution to this little awkward problem” of rudely eating food when your fanged friends are left with limited options.

Tom said he had a blast participating in the video, and maybe in a future season of Top Chef, he could get people from True Blood to come on! When asked who from Bon Temps he would like to share a drink with, Tom replied,

Vampire Bill all the way! I just like that he’s trying to go against nature. It’s more interesting, which makes him a great character.”

For the eager among you who don’t want to wait until the DVD goes on sale, you can watch the clip of this special feature on the New York Post blog, Popwrap.


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