True Blood Season 2: Episode 10 – “ New World in my View”

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Sookie and Jason return to Bon Temps with Bill in a travel coffin. On arrival they find Bon Temps trashed and upside down. On further exploration they find everyone possessed by (unknown to them) Maryann. At Bills house Hoytt tried to contain Maxine’s possessed actions as Jessica tries to (unsuccessfully) contain her Vampiric rage.On returning home, Sookie finds her house inhabited by Maryann who has taken it upon herself to do a little redecorating. In an attempt to evict Maryann, Bill finds that his usual defense is powerless, but Sookie discovers that she holds an unexpected reaction to Maryann’s violence.

Maryanne: Megatroll from Hades

Maryanne: Megatroll from Hades

Arlene lures Sam out of hiding and to Merlottes where Sam discovers a trap filled will Zombionic townsfolk all hungry for his blood. Andy and Sam take extended refuge in the freezer until they are saved (for a moment) by Jason Stackhouse. Just before Sam is taken to Maryann’s and lost for good, Jason and Andy concoct a plan that although unorthodox, is brilliant beyond words.
Tara while being held safe at Lafayette’s house is visited by Sookie and Bill. After an extended session, Tara is finally freed of Maryanne’s grip. Bill, knowing that he can’t face Maryann alone leaves to find answers from the only person who he knows could stop her, but is he too late

Top 5 of New World in my View

1. Jason Stackhouse’s dramatic scheme to free Sam Merlotte from the Townsfolk. So unconvincing – unless you were zombified by Maryann.

2. Jessica’s struggle to remain composed during Maxine’s outbursts. I think we have all been there!

3. Maryann’s redecorating. Although non traditional, it works in a supernatural Martha Stuart kinda way.

4. Welcome Back Tara!

5. The feeling that these characters have all walked into a B grade Zombie Horror film. It will be interesting to see how the town gets cleared up after.

[Editor’s Prerogative: for my top spots and one demerit below]

  1. Everything Jason.  Can you believe the double entandre of having Jason fake being ‘The God Who Comes’?  And Ryan played it perfectly.  Was I the only one that saw his ears perk up and rotate forward when a new waitress at Merlotte‘s was mentioned?  I think that because she died before he got to score her she might have been the one that got away….
  2. Bill is Back!  Where have you BEEN handsome?  Bill bonding with Jason (finally the father Jason always needed, who trusts him and treats him like a man).  Bill putting himself between Sookie and danger. Bill standing up to Eric. Bill trusting everyone.. Sookie (you fool!), Jason (good call!), Jessica (Oh Boy!)…  Bill and Sookie working together to bring back Tara was just awesome! This is going to be a great thing in the long run.. something they can do together.
  3. Lafayette, as always, best lines of the night.  “If there was ever a time to trust a white man, this is the time.”  You don’t get much whiter than dead… “Just because Jesus and I decided to see other people doesn’t mean we don’t talk from time to time.” LOL!  Is there a name for that finger octopus he did in that chick’s face to back her out?
  4. Dale Raoul played a bang up Maxine Fortenberry.  Yeah I still think Maxine is pathetic but that woman can play one wild, demonic game of Wii!

Even though I loved the episode there are only four favorite scenes tonight because it was just too damn SHORT!  Seriously, I doubt they ran out of material so what’s the deal?  And then we’re bombarded with advertisements? Isn’t the reason that we pay for HBO because we don’t get a lot of ads?  I understand that times are tough and that True Blood is attracting huge viewer numbers and it’s tempting to try to put it next to your WHOLE line up but 42 minutes?  Really? One demerit, see the nun in the corner for your time out.

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