True Blood Season 2: Episode 11 – “Frenzy”

September 4, 2009 by  

Vampy Vamp Eric.Bon Temps, once an idyllic little swamp side town is now in shambles and spiraling into debauchery, growing more violent by the second. In an attempt to put an end to this rapid decline Bill leaves town to consult the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne – only to find that getting information from her majesty is like pulling teeth. After spending the night in Sophie-Anne’s gaudy beach themed palace, Bill receives some cryptic information that might help the doomed town.

On waking Tara from her zombie possessed mind, Lafayette and Sookie find that it is harder to keep Tara alive when she is at full consciousness, than when she is posessed. On sweet talking her mother to undo her binding, Tara escapes in order to save Eggs and ultimately walks back into trouble.

Sam, with Arlene’s children in tow, seeks help from Eric out of shear desperation. Eric obliges and leaves to obtain information from Sophie-Anne and in the process crosses paths with Bill. In a strange twist of events, Hoytt protects Maxine from Jessica, leaving Jessica alone at Bills house, completely heart broken.

Sookie and Lafayette attempt to rescue Tara again from harms way only to discover that Tara is once again back under the control of Maryanne and is making a nest with Eggs for an oversized Egg.

Top 5 of Frenzy

  1. The song Frenzy! I hadn’t heard that song since Songs in the Key of X – The X-files soundtrack came out in 1996!
  2. Yahtzee! Wow what other game would Vampires like to play poolside? It helped make the scene more kitsch and human. Great choice!
  3. Jessica’s heartbreak when Hoytt choses to leave with his posessed mother rather than stay. Fingers crossed they make up soon.
  4. Sookies determination to save Tara even though it was a stupid choice. Sookie steps up as one of the stronger characters of the show at times when needed.
  5. Sam asking Eric for help and Eric’s reaction. With the recent spate of Eric chasing Sookie around and showing vunerability – it is nice to see the colder side of his character coming through again.