True Blood Season 2: Episode 7 – “Release Me”

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HugoAfter being led into the woods by Daphne, Sam finds himself in the middle of Maryann’s bacchanalian orgy. This time Maryann has another agenda, to remove Sam from the equation that is Bon Temps. Andy Belfleur also stumbles onto the grotesque party and shoots a bullet into the ground, disturbing the party as Maryann runs off to pursue Sam. At the end of the pursuit – Sam transmogrifies into an Owl in grand 80s Labyrinthine fashion.

Still imprisoned with Hugo, Sookie uses her telepathy to send an SOS to Barry the Bellhop. As Hugo’s claustrophobia grows, he becomes more agitated causing Sookie to attempt consoling him. By making contact with Hugo’s arm, Sookie learns that Hugo is the snitch that has been informing the Fellowship of the Sun of her movements.

Bill is detained by Lorena while Sookie is in dire need of help. It is revealed in flash back, that Lorena had released Bill from their relationship in the ‘30s. Lorena confides in Bill that it is not her who wants to keep him away from Sookie, after the two spend the sunlight hours attempting to outlast each other during their hours of regeneration.

After a romp in the Fellowship of the Sun’s cathedral with Sarah, Jason attempts to leave but is stopped when Steve forces him into the van with intention of sending him to hell “Today”. Jason learns that the hostility is not in reference to the affair with Sarah, but has something to do with his sister.

Steve’s lackey Gabe returns to the church basement to take his frustration out on Hugo after being beaten up by Jason Stackhouse. Sookie’s situation seems grim until a force enters the room throwing Gabe around like a rag doll. From her position on the floor Sookie looks up to catch sight of a young male Vampire as she asks “Godric?”

Top 5 of “Release Me

  1. Hoytt and Jessica deserve first place this week with their confessions of virginity and their sweet vulnerability. Jessica has proven that it may not take that long for a Vampire to remember their human nature. The scenes of Jessica and Hoytt highlight the fantastic job that the casting directors have done with the show.
  2. Jessica waking up to Hoytt decorating their hotel room with blood scented candles and her classic line of “Take off your pants”.
  3. The arrival of Godric in the right moment. His appearance may have only been brief but it was one of the most powerful character introductions of the season. Not bad for 3 seconds of screen time.
  4. Sam flipping out and carrying a gun everywhere. This is one man who has been disturbed one too many times and is on edge, and I am hoping he takes Maryann out soon as this writer is getting a little tired of her parties and attitude. Michelle Forbes does an amazing job at playing Maryann, she hits the nail on the head and should be applauded for playing such an abhorred character as well as she does.
  5. The intensely high production values of this True Blood episode, we were shown some amazing lighting, costumes and drama. The whole episode stood out from some of the past episodes, and as always ended well before we were ready to say goodbye for another week.

Share your top 5 and thoughts for this weeks episode in the comments below!

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My top five scenes:

  1. Arlene explaining to Tara that she thinks she ‘date raped’ Terry.  Both funny and poignant … very True Blood.
  2. The flashback to Bill breaking free of Lorena in the ’20’s.  There’s the Bill that gives me chills of the good kind! Welcome Back, Compton!
  3. Jason kicking that L.O.D.I. S.O.B. in the B.A.L.L.S.
  4. Hoyt and Jessica.. really say it with me y’all… AAAwwwwww!!!
  5. Last but certainly not least, Andy saving Sam, totally by accident and nearly shooting himself in the foot.

Favorite Line: Jessica to Hoyt after he admits that he’s never done it with a human. “What have you done it with then?” in that innocent voice and with those big eyes!

Sookiest moment: Instead of lambing it out of there and slaming that door on the two Bucketheads fighting in the cell Sookie picks a side and volunteers to get slammed around the slammer for a while.

Most WTF moment: Vampires don’t sleep for one night and they start ‘bleeding’?  Really?  Wow, guess that’s what happens when you can no longer grab a cuppa joe to keep you going!  Betcha vampire students never pull ‘all dayers’ to study eh?

In the ‘those we love to hate’ department.. I am really going to miss Maryann if we manage to free Bon Temps from her grip… OTOH I won’t miss the L.O.D.I. folks and I fear we’ll never get rid of them…

  • love bites

    you know what sucks my cable company got rid of 2/3rds of our channels so now i dont have HBO that means no true blood and my mother wont get it back =(

  • Rebecca

    The one thing i’ve noticed about season 2 is that every episode just keeps getting better and better. I wont be surprised if the last episode of this season leaves us on the edge of our seat till season 3.

    • pbartteacher

      We will be left on the edge of our seats in many different ways at the end of this season. Alan Ball has said there will be several cliff hangers for Season 3 to resolve. Instead of the two (Lafayette dead, Jessica and Bill relationship)we had last season to start.

  • Jaxx

    Best episode to date and the one that seems to follow the books the most. If we continue to follow the books, hold on people, you are in for a wild ride.

  • pbartteacher

    After Episode 6:”Hard-Hearted Hannah” would Alan Ball and his writers be able to top it? “Release Me” did not disappoint me.

    Some of my favorite quotes from that episode:

    #11“When I’m up there standing next to Steve, All I’m going to be thinking about is you.” “Me too” Sarah and Jason

    #10“Last thing I remember was following those Reese’s Pieces clothes into the woods.”-Tara

    #9“Ain’t nothing good come out of something that pretty.” “Satan in a Sunday hat.”

    #8“You smell like her. Sweet. And cheap.”-Lorena

    #7“If Godric is gone, nothing will bring back what I have lost.”-Eric

    #6“I know who you are and who you are working for” “The road crew?” “That’s funny. I didn’t think you were the sharpest tool in the shed. But not too bright. Boy, was I wrong. You are snakier than a snake in the grass.” – Steve and Jason

    #5“This shi* is going faster than fritters at a fat farm.”-Lafayette

    #4“I ain’t never done it. With a girl I mean” What have you done it with.?” “Just myself. “Oh, so you’re a virgin. Well, big whoop. So am I.” …“Don’t freak out if I look a little dead.”-Hoyt and Jessica

    #3“Hugo, do me a favor please, shut the fuc* up!”- Sookie

    #2Yes, they certainly don’t keep well.- Eric

    #1“Feeling sorry for things is just an excuse not to celebrate your own happiness.”-Maryann

    There was so much material in this episode, it was hard to choose. Another thought, since we know someone is going to meet the sun, it doesn’t necessarily have to be Godric/Godfrey like in the books. Perhaps Isabel will be punished for bringing Hugo into the nest. Or perhaps Godric isn’t being held by the fellowship but rather “God” has called him to repent for his sins and years of killing as a vampire.Or could we hope that Stan might meet the sun. That would be too obvious.

    Maybe Maryann does not die this year only to return in a later season. Remember she is immortal. I am sure she could find another town to terrorize with her hedonistic ways. Wouldn’t that be awesome if they just temporarily get rid of her, some sort of vampire incantation or something by Bill. Tara will finally get back to her old self.

    Aren’t we all happy, that Lafayette has found his pizazz again. Thank goodness. But selling the “V” for Eric, now that is an interesting plot twist. Is Eric trying to catch Jason Stackhouse or just trying to figure out what happened to Eddie?

    The whole Sookie/Eric/Bill/Lorena plot line continues to thicken. I was will admit that I was surprised to hear Lorena admit to Bill about Eric’s plot concerning Sookie. Lorena does have some ammunition on Eric now. That can not be a good thing. Can anyone say blackmail? But it makes for great television.

    I still can’t help but wait with apprehensiveness about the possibility of Eric and Sookie finally hooking up. It has been a long and slow plot line. And I am sure Alan Ball has enjoyed all of our anxiety about waiting for it. In this episode, the whole conversation with Isabel and Eric about her fascination with humans was down right telling. “I’m not interested in Sookie”. Ha Ha. I think I was shouting at the television screen right about that time. He is interested in the worst way. He doesn’t really know why. Well us book readers know but that is for another season, far, far, away.

    Lest we forget, Queen Sophie of Louisiana is on the horizon to cause all sorts of problems. Can’t wait to her character develop.

    Can’t wait until Sunday. My favorite day of the week. Counting down the nights- 4 nights and 21 hours. But who is counting.

  • Nathan

    I have to say the whole “I think I date raped him” thing was not only hilarious but also awkward too, that had me laughing for a while but also a little concerned.

    The show looks visually awesome!

    • Nathan

      Oh and Eric is now totaly hotter than Bill. Last season I was into the whole broody thing but seriously – you want a Vamp who is determined to have you no matter what, and then you have to be prepared to play hard to get so he wants you.

      Damn they are more complex than us humans