True Blood Season 2: Episode 8 – “Timebomb”

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bill-compton-sookie-stackhouse-season-2Sookie after being saved by Godric is surprised when Eric turns up in place of Bill, who is still restrained by Lorena.On Eric’s arrival, Godric requests that Eric save Sookie without harming a human. The Fellowship of the Sun goes into complete lock down as women and children are escorted from the chapel. With some amusing acting on Eric’s part, he tries to convince a small number of Fellowship members that he too is a meek member of their group and has been asked to guard the door. Unfortunately he is not as successful as he hoped.

Sam receives a phone call from Merlotte’s only to find lying in the fridge the heartless, two timing Daphne (who’s expiration date ran out just hours before). Seconds later the sheriffs turn up after receiving an anonymous tip off and arrest Sam on suspicion of murder. Andy’s eye witness account of Sam’s innocence is extremely unhelpful.

Jessica and Hoyt share their romantic first time only to be interrupted by Bill who sends them home. Jessica overly embarrassed that she was just caught losing her virginity soon finds out that as Vampires heal – she will have many more opportunities to lose her virginity.

In an (not so) unpredictable twist of events, Maryann influences Tara and Eggs to procreate on the floor of the lounge room after eating her Hunters Soufflé. Maryann looks on satisfied that she has made people fornicate yet again – one would think that she would be tired of sex by now, as most of the viewers are.

At the Vampire Cocktail party, Jason pays his respect to Godric and on confrontation with Eric is cleared of all his misdemeanors. Bill says goodbye to Lorena for good after she is put in her place by Godric. All seems to be going well, until a mysterious stranger turns up to crash the party.
Top 5 of Timebomb

  1. Godric’s man crush he seems to have for Jason Stackhouse. Things could get interesting there, or ugly pretty quick.
  2. Lorena being beaten repeatedly over the head with a flat screen TV. Something that a lot of viewers had been waiting to occur for a while.
  3. Jason waking up to reality – welcome back Mr. Stackhouse, just less man whoring please.
  4. Any scene with Jessica and Hoytt. They have been stealing the show lately.
  5. Godric displaying his interesting values on human Vampire co-inhabitance. It is interesting to see a vampire of such age growing into a level headed and reasonable creature, when typically in novels such as Anne Rice’s Vampire chronicles – the older the Vampire the more predator and primitive.

[Editor’s Notes: sticking my two cents in here as usual]

  1. Sookie and Lorena catfight.  While not the smartest thing Sookie has ever done it’s about darn time she fought for Bill instead of always expecting him to apologize for having a life before meeting her.
  2. Jason hugging BillJason has been seeking a father figure throughout the show, first Eddie, then Rev. Steve Newlin and now Bill.  It’s rather hysterical that Bill has replaced his ‘lost’ children in such a bizzaro world way.  He missed all the sweetness of young children and went right to the terrible teens!
  3. Eric and Jason discussing his past activities.. Ryan plays Jason so wide open it’s incredible.  Of course, one wonders if Eric isn’t also caching points in his pursuit of Sookie.
  4. Eric playing the dumb hick human.. OMG.. I almost peed my pants (am I allowed to say that here?)
  5. Jessica and Hoyt.  Thank all the gods of TV land (Alan Ball) for these two or this season would be too intense to watch.  Although I feel so terrible for Jessica.. [Deborah Ann Woll and Jim Parack are truly remarkable!] Really, isn’t this a case for Dr. Ludwig???

Most YUCK scene:  Tara and Eggs eating Daphne‘s heart then becoming viscoius, nasty, snasty, sado and masochistic… In general just way too much crotch kicking in this episode and there’s something about seeing Tara struck that made me really sad.

Small Talk Scene to watch: Jason hitting on that vampire girl.. he just can’t help himself!
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  • Renee

    Not to nitpick; but Jason was not hitting on a vampire girl. The girl he was talking to at the end of the episode had a martini in her hand and she definitely looked human.

    • Nathan

      Good Spot Renee!!

      • Renee

        Nathan: thanks. Obviously I watch each episode waaaay too much!

  • Di

    -“I’m alive! Oh shit! God saved me! I’m saved!”
    -“Oh for Heaven’s sakes! Grow a brain cell! Paintballs!”
    [Sara & Jason]

    For some reason the bimbo telling the meathead to ‘grow a brain cell’ was incredibly amusing to me hahahaha

    • pbartteacher

      That was an awesome line too. Sarah telling Jason to grow some brain cells. 🙂 Keep them coming!

  • pbartteacher

    Best Quotes from True Blood Episode: Time Bomb

    #10- “Are you sure you’re OK?” “She’s fine.” “Go with your maker.” -Eric and Bill

    #9-“You Stackhouse’s are nothing but bunch of heartless, two faced vampire fuckers!” ”Don’t you ever talk about my sister like that” -Sarah and Jason

    #8-“The war has begun, you evil whore of Satan.” -Steve Newlin

    #7-“Trust me!”- Eric

    #6-“I bet this marshmallow would roast up nicely.”- Steve Newlin

    #5-“I reckon I’ve already been to heaven. I’ve was inside your wife.” -Jason

    #4- “Honestly what do they see in you?” -Steve Newlin

    #3–“He’s your maker isn’t he? Don’t use words you don’t understand.””You have a lotta love for him” “Don’t use words I don’t understand.” -Sookie and Eric

    #2–“The bond between a vampire and his maker is stronger than you can imagine. Perhaps one day you will find out.”-Eric

    #1-“I gave you everything for a lie. You’re worst than Judas!”
    ”What did he do to you?” “Fuck you!” -Sarah and Jason

    There is never a lack of material after watching an episode. I am confident that Sunday’s episode will have the same level of writing if not better. They just keep getting better and better this season. Feel free to add your favs to the list.

    • Olivia

      Your #5 was my #1 :):):)

    • Neonskyq1

      Your # 4 is my #1 caus it was so
      Amusing the way Steve looked at Sookie.
      When he asked it !
      That’s how shallow he is seeing what’s in
      The outside instead of with in.
      Gues his shallowness did not paid off with
      His pretty wife!